Company Setup

Company Setup contains shop and billing information in addition to communication preferences.

Access to Company Set Up

Access to Company Set Up image
  1. While logged in as the admin, select the menu drop down in the top right.
  2. Select Company Setup.

Company Logo and Business Information

Company Logo and Business Information image
  1. Add a company logo. This will appear in some links sent to customers.
  2. Company information can be edited here. Please contact support if you need to change the business name or your business text number.
  3. Billing address can be updated here if your location changes.

Preferences and Status Reports

Preferences and Status Reports image
  1. Preferences in company setup lets you add or remove features for sending out messages to customers.
  2. Status Reports is an area for you to decide what email you want certain information to go to. Simply change the email address to the desired report destination.

Dashboard Pagination

Dashboard Pagination

Pagination is designed to help if your shop is experiencing long load times of the Active customers page due to high customer volumes. Simple check the box to active it and the number of customers to show per page.

Pagination of Active Customers

Pagination of Active Customers

Once you have activated Pagination a page selection will be added to the active customer dashboard. to the right of the pages in a calendar button to view upcoming appointments.

Company Timings, Billing, and Appointment Link

Company Timings, Billing, and Appointment Link image
  1. Company Timings is a place for you to add your company hours. deselect the boxes if your shop is closed on that day.
  2. This Billing Page blue box will open your billing information.
  3. You can add any existing appointment link that your company uses here. If you use the Autoflow scheduler, you can click a button to place that link automatically.

Billing Information

 Billing Information image
  1. The first blue box will show your billing invoices, and you can download them as PDF files as needed.
  2. Use the update card number selection to change to a new credit card or change to a new billing email address.
  3. Use the update current card selection if your expiration date has changed on your card.
  4. The Red selection “Delete Card on File” is only recommended for use if the company has changed ownership. This will reset the billing date and the new card will be billed immediately.

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