Additional Features in Workflow Setup

Customize your scheduled and follow up texts

Follow Up Message

  • The follow up message is sent (if toggled in company setup) one day after an order is closed.
  • The message will contain the greeting, and signature from your company.
  • You can request a review, or add a link to a review site if you choose.

Scheduled Messages

  • These are unique appointment confirmations and reminders
  • When the appoint is made, the message is sent immediately
  • Includes date and time.
  • Also includes greeting / signature
  • One day before, the reminder is sent.
  • Includes time.
  • Also includes greeting / signature
Pro Tip:
The messages shown on the workflow setup page are grammatically correct if they begin with a lowercase letter. This is because they are preceded by the automatic greeting which concludes with a comma.

+ Predefined Outbound texts

For the messages you type the most, type it once

  • Add your predefined out bound texts for common conversation points, or answers to frequent inquiries
  • Simply click + Add Text, and compose your message
  • The final results will be available when texting your clients
  • Simply type a few key letters, numbers, or words and phrases, the notes will filter out.
    • Click the note you desire.  Send!

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