How do I setup Rewards and Referrals?

Managing customers rewards is done in two sections

R&R Point Setup

  • +Add Referral Level – See the chart to understand how referrals are interlinked.
  • Establish a point value for each level, and each visit

R&R Reward Setup

  • Name an award
  • Establish a point value for the reward
  • You can also delete reward options from here

How do I recognize rewards?

From the Workflow screen, the “R” button will be green if clients qualify for awards.
  • Click the “R” Icon and you will be brought to the customer profile screen.
  • Click a reward if the client wishes to spend their point

You can add custom awards and or attribute points using the Custom Reward button.

  • Adding a reward with a negative value will give your client points.
  • The example here shows a situation where a mistake was made and the client is being awarded 100 extra points for redemption.
  • Likewise, you can use points as a random thank you for your preferred clients.
  • The system allows you complete flexibility in points management

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