How to Setup DVI Notes

DVI Notes Setup – Video

Craig will show you how Autoflow can leverage Line Item Notes and how you as an administrator can set it up. Use the tools showcased in this video to help your technicians work as efficiently as possible!
  • Introduction: (0:00)
  • Setting up Line Item Notes: (0:14)
  • Using Line Item Notes: (1:02)
  • Outro: (2:46)

Efficient inspections begin with predefined notes

Initiate an effective note strategy in DVI Notes Setup

Three Note Hierarchy’s

1.1 Note Format
  • Global Notes – These appear for any line item on any sheet where category or itemized notes are absent.
  • Categorized Notes – These override any global notes.
  • Itemized Notes – These override any Categorized notes.

Global Notes

1.2 Global Notes
  • These notes are useful for a “hands off” admin process.
  • These notes populate across ALL categories and ALL line items and ALL Sheets.
  • These notes are great for prepopulating general notes.

To make Global and Categorized notes most effective – restating the line item to group your notes is an effective way to narrow predictions accurately when using predictive text.

Categorized Notes

1.3 Categorized Notes
  • Categorized notes are sheet and category specific.
    • This means that they will not populate for other sheets.
  • Categorized notes override all global notes.
    • No global notes will appear if category notes are present.

Itemized Notes

1.4 Itemized Notes
  • Itemized notes are sheet, category, and item specific.
  • Itemized notes do not populate for other Sheets.
    • Itemized notes override all Global and Categorized notes.
  • Itemized notes are specific to a single Inspection Line Item.
    • Itemized notes will automatically assign the severity level based upon the note selected.

Itemized Notes Setup

1.5 Itemized Notes Setup
  • Select the Sheet you would like the notes to appear in.
  • Selecting the Category and Item.
  • Build or copy and paste your desired itemized notes list in the Typeahead box starting a new line for each note. Click the Add Typeahead button when your list is finished.
  • Item Status can be preselected, or very easily changed later. Most users opt to enter all notes as ‘X (red)’ and adjust later.
  • Adding multiple notes for a single line item can be done by pressing the return/enter key on your keyboard. New lines are separate notes.

Using a word processing document to build your itemized notes list makes the task much easier. Cloud documents like google-docs make for easy team collaboration. Simply copy and paste the notes into the Typeahead section. See our video on this.

Finalizing your Itemized Notes

1.6 Finalizing your Itemized Notes
  • Ensure the note is in the proper category and line item.
  • Select the severity to auto-assign status (Green/Yellow/Red) when selecting the note in the DVI.

Note: Severity selection can always be overridden by the technician when performing the DVI.

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