August 2022 Release Notes

8/19/2022 – System Improvements


  • Tekmetric Job to DVI Sheet Mapping – Tekmetric users can now link a Job in TM to automatically select a linked inspection sheet on visit creation. This helps technicians complete the intended inspection rather than mistakenly completing a different sheet.
  • Omnique Mileage Update – Omnique users will now see that mileage entered on the Autoflow DVI, Work Order, or QC will now push the updated mileage back to Omnique.
  • Customer Search by VIN – Users can now search customer history visits by using the VIN number as a search term.
  • Techflow – The ever popular Text Manager can now be accessed from the Techflow screen.
  • Architecture Updates – We have updated PHP on our servers. What is PHP you ask? It is quite technical, but the simple answer is that it is one of the core web languages used by Autoflow. Why is it important? Staying up to date allows for increased system performance and ensures the safety and integrity of data. While the gains may be minimal, very small fractions of a second, they are significant when observed at scale. Simply put….It allows us to be bigger, faster, and stronger!

iDVI Enhancements:

  • UI/UX Enhancements – We have continued improving the user experience by streamlining the most common screens in iDVI to be better aligned with iDVI users.
  • Image Upload Instructions – Instruction on how upload images and videos was added to the iDVI view of the inspection screen. This will reduce confusion when uploading images and videos to iDVI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Video Playback – We have fixed a bug where the screen would go black or freeze when trying to review a video that was just uploaded on iOS devices.
  • Notifications – Some WO and QC notifications were not being sent. We have fixed this.
  • Moto Visuals – No way to remove an attached MV video to a DVI line item. This has been addressed in this release.
  • WO Parts List – The work Order print parts list button has been restored.
  • DVI Report – Multi-Axle Tire usage is now appearing in the item usage section of the DVI report.
  • Techflow – Improvements to drag and drop on scrollable windows. We have also added a toggle to return Techflow to the legacy condensed view.
  • Dashboard Details – Removed duplicate Tags fields in the details section.
  • Slim View – Fixed bug enabling search by VIN for current visits.
  • Misc. – Several smaller bugs related to technical components have been addressed in this release.

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