November 2022 Release Notes

11/15/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI – Vehicle Notes and Visit notes are more clearly indicated to prevent confusion on which fields are permanent, and which are not.
  • Client Connection – Tireshop and Mitchell1 shops are now benefiting from greater efficiency with our re-vised client connection.
  • Communication Preferences Part 1 – We’ve created a new tab on the customer microsite that allows a customer to toggle specific types of messaging for various updates by text/email. Presently this lives on the microsite when sharing a DVI, WO, or QC sheet with a client.
  • Communication Preferences Part 2 – Add messaging opt in/out button for status updates for appointments in Kiosk. Kiosk also received a link to a coms preference page.
  • Communication Preferences Part 3 – The client profile page has been cleaned up to match the preferences that customers will see.
  • TechFlow – Tech columns can now be sorted in any order. (no longer just alphabetical!) The sort order can now be adjusted by using the “Tech Order” button on the upper right corner of TechFlow.
  • DVI Send Time – The service advisors send time in the DVI Report now only considers company business hours. (It won’t count the time the shop is closed)

Bug Fixes:

  • Quality Control – An issue that occasionally prevented the DVI-addressed items from popping up on QC has been corrected. Affected users should no longer need to submit twice to see the popup.
  • Quality Control – N/A items were being erroneously counted as issues. Now they are not.
  • Work Order – Efficiency times were not being reflected accurately when manually updating a job work time. Now they are.
  • DVI PDF – Images in the PDF related to the RVH were not appearing correctly. Now they are.
  • Daily/Weekly Stats – Group sheets were affecting the accuracy of daily/weekly email reports. This has been corrected.
  • TechFlow – A bug causing work completion to be undone when moving some cards to unassigned has been corrected.
  • Apostrophes – The war with apostrophes entered a new phase after rebel characters were removed from the quick add modal. Good punctuation can now resume normal operations and double encoding crackdowns will continue.

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