May 2022 Release Notes

5/11/2022 – System Improvements


  • UI – Add Customer Page – The UI has been updated to allow for a more streamlined adding process. This mostly impacts standalone users, but even users with management system integrations will see this change.
  • Protractor Integration – Auto push mileage into Protractor when the input for mileage is saved in Autoflow.
  • DVI – Green inspection items now appear highlighted in the tagging modal for RVH. Also a filter has been added to allow for green items to be located quicker.
  • DVI History – Links are now provided for DVI’s listed in DVI History.
  • DVI Notes – You can now map default recommendations to your DVI Itemized notes.
  • QC Worksheet – Full technical refresh.
  • QC – Line items now have image or video attachment options.
  • QC – Images in QC now have the same image markup modal as the DVI.
  • QC – QC items can now be set as required by the admin.
  • QC – DVI items are shown after submission of the QC, prompting the user to select which items were addressed or not.
  • QC – Multiple QC sheets can now be established. Users can select and perform sheets relevant to a ticket, or vehicle.

Bug Fixes:

  • Email – A bug preventing emails from behing deleted from a customer profile has been corrected.
  • Mileage from WO to Tekmetric – Now mileage will properly import to Tekmetric when added to vehicle details from the WO.
  • Tekmetric – Estimates in Tekmetric are now marked as shared when the link is shared via workflow script in Autoflow. Previously, this was not marking the Tekmetric estimate as shared, now we do, allowing the client to see it.

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