2022 Release Notes

2022 Release Notes

12/20/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI/WO/QC – Videos can now be downloaded from any worksheet. This is done by opening the video and clicking the new download button on the upper right of the video preview window.
  • DVI – Sub-status pre-defined notes are no longer clipped with a “…” in mobile view. Beware, VERY long notes might get ugly, but users will no longer have to guess!
  • iDVI – Remove Category level video for warranty company usage.
  • MSO Master Shop – New ability to manage users for all locations from one location. This is another key ability for streamlining multi-shop operation manageability in the tool.
  • Slack – We’ve added a webhook for slack to include parameters in the body that slack can use. In this release, we can post status updates to slack.
  • Calendar v2 – List view phase 1 is out! This is an updated view that spotlights new pieces of data all consolidated on a single view. Check out the new List Day tab in the list view, or view it with the whole week or month. The format should help manage daytime activity a little more clearly.
  • Calendar v2 Pt.2 – We’ve added more color tags to the Calendar so you more clearly label certain tickets or priorities.
  • DVI PDF – We cleaned up the PDF view and move images from vertical to horizontal.

Bug Fixes:

  • WO – Prevent shop close time from being set at 12:00 am, which causes issues with WO clocks.
  • Protractor – The mileage entry on the dashboard needs to push to Protractor. It wasn’t, now it is!
  • Protractor – History search will now include package descriptions properly.
  • TechFlow – The Text Manager alert isn’t appearing on the Text manager button on Techflow the way it does on the ACP. Now it will turn orange when texts come in.
  • DVI Duplication – The button for DVI duplication was not working, forcing several users to export and import instead. Now the duplicate button works for everyone once again!
  • AI Text Response – Improved some of the parameters for specific triggers.

11/15/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI – Vehicle Notes and Visit notes are more clearly indicated to prevent confusion on which fields are permanent, and which are not.
  • Client Connection – Tireshop and Mitchell1 shops are now benefiting from greater efficiency with our re-vised client connection.
  • Communication Preferences Part 1 – We’ve created a new tab on the customer microsite that allows a customer to toggle specific types of messaging for various updates by text/email. Presently this lives on the microsite when sharing a DVI, WO, or QC sheet with a client.
  • Communication Preferences Part 2 – Add messaging opt in/out button for status updates for appointments in Kiosk. Kiosk also received a link to a coms preference page.
  • Communication Preferences Part 3 – The client profile page has been cleaned up to match the preferences that customers will see.
  • TechFlow – Tech columns can now be sorted in any order. (no longer just alphabetical!) The sort order can now be adjusted by using the “Tech Order” button on the upper right corner of TechFlow.
  • DVI Send Time – The service advisors send time in the DVI Report now only considers company business hours. (It won’t count the time the shop is closed)

Bug Fixes:

  • Quality Control – An issue that occasionally prevented the DVI-addressed items from popping up on QC has been corrected. Affected users should no longer need to submit twice to see the popup.
  • Quality Control – N/A items were being erroneously counted as issues. Now they are not.
  • Work Order – Efficiency times were not being reflected accurately when manually updating a job work time. Now they are.
  • DVI PDF – Images in the PDF related to the RVH were not appearing correctly. Now they are.
  • Daily/Weekly Stats – Group sheets were affecting the accuracy of daily/weekly email reports. This has been corrected.
  • TechFlow – A bug causing work completion to be undone when moving some cards to unassigned has been corrected.
  • Apostrophes – The war with apostrophes entered a new phase after rebel characters were removed from the quick add modal. Good punctuation can now resume normal operations and double encoding crackdowns will continue.

10/25/2022 – System Improvements


  • Reporting – Workflow and Work Order reports have been re-written. Reporting metrics will look similar to our users, but the reports should perform better. With this update we can look forward to additional enhancements!
  • DVI Sheet Setup – Sub statuses can now be imported, exported, and duplicated along with DVI line items, notes, and recommendations. The sub-statuses are improving DVI times. Try them out!
  • MSO Management – Our team now has additional tools to create a super-admin login for multi-shop operators that want a single login to navigate their shops. This can be requested at support@Autoflow.com or through our training staff.
  • Client Connection – We’ve updated our client connection and phased the rollout. HITS and Protractor have been migrated to this new version in this release.

iDVI Enhancements:

  • iDVI API’s – We have added API’s specific to iDVI to allow Integrators to able to create an iDVI inspection request, dispatch that request to the repair facility, get real time inspection status notifications, and retrieve the inspection results all through the iDVI API’s.
  • Initiate Email – We have added the ability for Claims Adjusters to launch the windows default email client and insert the Service Advisor email to draft and send an email to the repair facility. This eliminates unnecessary clicks and improves adjuster productivity.
  • Today’s Stats for iDVI – The Today’s Stats have been modified to be more aligned with iDVI usage.
  • Hide Claim # – The claim number has been removed from any text and/or email to the repair facility.
  • iDVI Inspection Email – We have given the iDVI Inspection request email to the repair facility a bit of a face lift to include more details and clear confusion.
  • iDVI Workflow Report – The workflow report has been reworked to include claim number. We also removed some columns that were not relevant to iDVI usage.
  • Duplicate Inspection Requests – We have added logic to notify Adjusters when a duplicate iDVI request is being sent based on claim number.

Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar – The list view on tablets was showing tooltips incorrectly. These have been addressed.
  • DVI Notes Setup – DVI Notes setup was not displaying notes if the browser was zoomed in. This is corrected.
  • Tech View – The active customer page was not updating the appointment counter on the “all” tab. This counter is once again correct.
  • Add Customer – Using a comma in the odometer field broke the modal. Punctuation is no longer punished.
  • Vehicle Profile Images – The time stamp on the tagged image’s profile image showed the time and date the tagging occurred, not the time and date of the actual upload.
  • TechFlow – The Search function was inoperative for searches for some parameters. Search now allows all searchable parameters to be queried.
  • iDVI Report – We have fixed a bug that was not counting images and videos in the iDVI report.
  • iDVI Motorcycle Tire Inspection – FIxed a broken link concerning the rear tire in the Tire Inspection.

8/19/2022 – System Improvements


  • Tekmetric Job to DVI Sheet Mapping – Tekmetric users can now link a Job in TM to automatically select a linked inspection sheet on visit creation. This helps technicians complete the intended inspection rather than mistakenly completing a different sheet.
  • Omnique Mileage Update – Omnique users will now see that mileage entered on the Autoflow DVI, Work Order, or QC will now push the updated mileage back to Omnique.
  • Customer Search by VIN – Users can now search customer history visits by using the VIN number as a search term.
  • Techflow – The ever popular Text Manager can now be accessed from the Techflow screen.
  • Architecture Updates – We have updated PHP on our servers. What is PHP you ask? It is quite technical, but the simple answer is that it is one of the core web languages used by Autoflow. Why is it important? Staying up to date allows for increased system performance and ensures the safety and integrity of data. While the gains may be minimal, very small fractions of a second, they are significant when observed at scale. Simply put….It allows us to be bigger, faster, and stronger!

iDVI Enhancements:

  • UI/UX Enhancements – We have continued improving the user experience by streamlining the most common screens in iDVI to be better aligned with iDVI users.
  • Image Upload Instructions – Instruction on how upload images and videos was added to the iDVI view of the inspection screen. This will reduce confusion when uploading images and videos to iDVI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Video Playback – We have fixed a bug where the screen would go black or freeze when trying to review a video that was just uploaded on iOS devices.
  • Notifications – Some WO and QC notifications were not being sent. We have fixed this.
  • Moto Visuals – No way to remove an attached MV video to a DVI line item. This has been addressed in this release.
  • WO Parts List – The work Order print parts list button has been restored.
  • DVI Report – Multi-Axle Tire usage is now appearing in the item usage section of the DVI report.
  • Techflow – Improvements to drag and drop on scrollable windows. We have also added a toggle to return Techflow to the legacy condensed view.
  • Dashboard Details – Removed duplicate Tags fields in the details section.
  • Slim View – Fixed bug enabling search by VIN for current visits.
  • Misc. – Several smaller bugs related to technical components have been addressed in this release.

7/14/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI – Video time limit has been increased. 5 minutes (300 seconds) is the new limit. Previously the limit was 1 minute (60 seconds).
  • TechFlow – Real-time. Previously, the auto-refresh timer on Techflow has been several minutes. We’ve enhanced TechFlow to be real-time, in much the same manner as the Active Customer Page.
  • MotoVisuals – Instead of linking out to MotoVisuals, the educational videos now load in a modal. This should enhance the experience for recipients of these videos.
  • Protractor – We now permit dashes in the RVH notes transfer. Previously dashes were underappreciated, ignored, or neglected.
  • Email – We have added a user setting for notifications. If you would like an email when a DVI, WO, or QC is completed, go for it! Maybe filter it too!

iDVI Enhancements:

  • Email Notifications – This very useful feature enables claims adjustors who may not have Autoflow’s iDVI Dashboard open in plain view to receive real time notifications of a completed inspection via email.
  • UI/UX Enhancements – We have been busy improving the user experience by changing some of the most common screens in iDVI to be more aligned with iDVI users.

Bug Fixes:

  • WO/QC – Tagged RVH items in the DVI were not appearing in the QC and WO. This was not intentional. This should now be uniform across all worksheets.
  • QC Report – The in-depth report was missing after the recent rewrite! This is now restored in the QC Report.
  • Tire Inspection – Moving images to tire inspections should again behave uniformly, regardless of which tire inspection version you are using on a given sheet.
  • Work Orders – “Parts ordered” status will again appear in all circumstances as accurately as “Parts Arrived.”
  • Work Order CSV – Times from the work-order report will be exported appropriately with the CSV for all job items.
  • Appointments – Appointment time confirmations for groups will occur for all group members.
  • Tireshop Integration – Work Order History accordion will properly appear again for all users.
  • Work Order – An issue requiring work orders to be refreshed if the tab was left open overnight has been addressed.
  • Reporting – Multiple minor bugs related to reporting rewrites have been addressed.
  • Benchmark Score Modal – DVI completion time was occasionally appearing inaccurate inside the modal of the DVI (but not in the DVI report). This is now corrected.
  • Spelling – We found a typo in a report screen. It was corrected. OK, we didn’t see it, someone else did. We fixed it. Embarrassing!
  • Misc – Several smaller bugs related to technical components have been addressed in this release.

6/22/2022 – System Improvements


  • Sales Report – Added count of total inspections as a pill selection. This allows for a quick understanding of total closed tickets for a time period vs. the total number of tickets with DVI’s.
  • Engaged Report – Rewrite of the engaged report allows you to focus on engagement with familiar report customizations already available in newer reports.
  • Manage Users Page – We’ve added a column to give at-a-glance insight into user mapping. This should help users identify when a staff member has not been properly linked with their SMS username.
  • DVI Line Item History – It is now more clear what mileage an item was addressed at in previous inspections, and if it was addressed.
  • DVI – New Sub-Statuses are available so techs can choose notes directly from the Green/Yellow/Red statuses. This is a new feature with a lot of flexibility for shops to standardize language across entire categories or individual line items. See our training page for details and manage sub statuses in DVI Sheet Setup
  • Tireshop Integration – Promised time is now interpreted by Autoflow and populates as the ETC. This makes promised time visible automatically on your Active Customer Page if you user settings are set to show it.
  • Tire Inspections – Powersports and motorcycle facilities now have a graphical tire inspection that better matches the number of wheels on their client’s vehicles.

iDVI Enhancements:

  • Resend iDVI Request – Adjustors can now resend an iDVI Inspection Request directly from the DVI. Previous repair facility contact info is pre-populated for and allows for quick resends. Resending the iDVI request also moves the status of the request back to the inspecting or pre-completion status automatically.
  • iDVI Report – This new report will allow claims adjudicators and claims management personnel to view key metrics about iDVIs sent and completed over a selected date range.
  • iDVI Tire Inspections – Powersports and motorcycle facilities now have a graphical tire inspection that better matches the number of wheels on their client’s vehicles.
  • iDVI Image Upload – When uploading an image to the iDVI we have updated the choices to “Add Image” or “Add Video” to avoid confusion from repair facilities.

Bug Fixes:

  • Widget – Received time was not correct for all users. Now it is!
  • Widget – The submit button was sometimes buried under messages, this has been moved to be more accessible.
  • DVI – Changing the sign-off user was not always populated the top most user option. We’ve also added Writers to the list of potential sign-off personnel, these were unintentionally left out of the drop-down.
  • Adding Users – A bug preventing SMS usernames from saving during user creation has been resolved.
  • Calendar – Appointment time is now appearing properly on the calendar for all users.
  • DVI Links – Links to DVI’s no longer expire after one year. It will no longer be necessary to resend an inspection if your client has retained the link from the original visit.

6/1/2022 – System Improvements


  • Technical – The main element of this release is a large technical update benefiting our users of integrated management systems. This is a phased rollout that will occur over the next several releases. Users should notice no changes in functionality or integration behaviors in this time. We look forward to more efficient improvements to integrations in the near future when this important update is concluded.
  • DVI – Administrators can now make images and/or videos required on a DVI. In DVI Sheet Setup, you can click the camera icon next to a line item to require an image for that item on all inspections Users cannot submit a DVI as completed unless an image is included. If line item videos are permitted, another icon will also appear which allows the admin to require a video in the same manner. These options are in addition to the original ‘required’ button. Any combination of requirements are permitted.
  • DVIEnhanced alerts for DVI users are now in place. The new alerts are more descriptive of the type of requirement that is missing from a DVI. This will assist users in correcting those items and enable them to get those DVI’s submitted!

Bug Fixes:

  • The new ability to pre-attach Moto-Visuals videos to a DVI is now fully restored. The manner in which the API calls occur has been modified to be more efficient. Pre-attaching MV videos is an option in DVI Sheet Setup. Moto-Visuals integration is a free integration for MV subscribers.

5/11/2022 – System Improvements


  • UI – Add Customer Page – The UI has been updated to allow for a more streamlined adding process. This mostly impacts standalone users, but even users with management system integrations will see this change.
  • Protractor Integration – Auto push mileage into Protractor when the input for mileage is saved in Autoflow.
  • DVI – Green inspection items now appear highlighted in the tagging modal for RVH. Also a filter has been added to allow for green items to be located quicker.
  • DVI History – Links are now provided for DVI’s listed in DVI History.
  • DVI Notes – You can now map default recommendations to your DVI Itemized notes.
  • QC Worksheet – Full technical refresh.
  • QC – Line items now have image or video attachment options.
  • QC – Images in QC now have the same image markup modal as the DVI.
  • QC – QC items can now be set as required by the admin.
  • QC – DVI items are shown after submission of the QC, prompting the user to select which items were addressed or not.
  • QC – Multiple QC sheets can now be established. Users can select and perform sheets relevant to a ticket, or vehicle.

Bug Fixes:

  • Email – A bug preventing emails from behing deleted from a customer profile has been corrected.
  • Mileage from WO to Tekmetric – Now mileage will properly import to Tekmetric when added to vehicle details from the WO.
  • Tekmetric – Estimates in Tekmetric are now marked as shared when the link is shared via workflow script in Autoflow. Previously, this was not marking the Tekmetric estimate as shared, now we do, allowing the client to see it.

4/19/2022 – System Improvements


  • Work Order – Major Technical Update – Work Order has been updated to enable advanced features and full utility of assets that have been implemented in other areas of the tool.
  • Work Order – Videos can be added on individual jobs as well as images. In the past, videos had to be added in a special section titled “Add Video.
  • Work Order – Techs can no longer manipulate notes, timers, or images that are assigned to another technician. Jobs assigned to other techs are slightly grayed out and unclickable to other technicians. Admins and advisors are all able to manipulate jobs details as needed with no restrictions.
  • Work Order – Change Log details are now enabled for Work Orders. Much like the DVI, clicks and actions in the Work Order are logged and time stamped to keep a chronological order of activity in the work order.
  • Work Order – Users are now prompted to click submit before leaving the Work Order page, if all jobs are complete. The goal is to prevent users from forgetting to submit work orders once all jobs are marked complete.
  • Work Order – Mobile views of the work order will display lengthy notes in a more organized and legible format.

Bug Fixes:

  • Work Order Time Clock – Times that transcend multiple days were not logging correctly.
  • Protractor Integration – An issue in which Concerns with no labor could cause work orders to overwrite tech assignments has been corrected.
  • Protractor Integration – Users with apostrophes in their SMS username were unable to leverage Package mapping. This has been corrected.
  • Add Customer Page – Apostrophes were causing issues on this page as well. We’ve asked them to behave.
  • Manage Users – Adding a user with an apostrophe was causing issues. We’ve made this no problem.
  • DVI Signoff Requirements – Kilometers or hours were not tripping the required field warnings the same as mileage. This is now corrected.

4/1/2022 – System Improvements


  • Calendar – Events can now be color-coded with custom colors.
  • Omnique Integration – Technician assignments at the job item level will now translate to Autoflow. (Previously ticket level only)
  • DVI Notes – Allow for multiple recommendations to be selected by clicking the + button next to recommendation drop-down notes.
  • iDVI -Warranty claim numbers and service advisor email are mandatory entry fields.
  • Techflow – Screen refresh rate has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • DVI Reporting – It was requested that we enable a way for users to see the notes used within the “item usage” summary inside of the DVI Report. This was added. You may mouse over a date field in the tech column of the item usage summary to see a tooltip with all the notes a tech has added.
  • DVI Reporting – Time from completion to send is now reported in the advisor tab of the DVI Report.
  • Text Manager – When opening a conversation, you will be taken to the most recent part of the conversation. Previously, this was not occurring resulting in the need for additional scrolling.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sales Report – Technicians were not showing up in the report, even though techs were properly assigned to tickets. Now they are!
  • Tekmetric Authorization Links – Messages included approval or invoice links were not sent to clients’ emails even when the email tick box was selected. Now they are!
  • Profile images – Errors while saving changes to profile images have been resolved.
  • Calendar Font – The background color for scheduled appointments has been made lighter. On some monitors, the black on blue was difficult to read.
  • Shop-Ware Integration – Techs will now properly appear on job level assignments in Autoflow for all users.
  • Internal Chat – Defaulting to bottom of the message list is now implemented, previously, the auto-scroll didn’t go far enough with some threads.
  • DVI Send Success Indicator – The success of a DVI send is now properly indicated in the event a DVI is sent to a landline.

2/28/2022 – System Improvements


  • Calendar – We now show the RVH items for a visit in the mouseover on the Calendar. Previously we showed the vehicle notes. RVH Concerns are more visit specific, and requested by calendar users.
  • Tekmetric Integration – We are showing the Sublet History of Tekmetric tickets in our SMS History displays.
  • Header Modularization – No changes will appear to our users, however, the groundwork is being laid for future updates to the WO and QC worksheets. The header for the DVI has been modularized as step one.

Bug Fixes:

  • RVH – Some extra space was removed to better align RVH sections when uploading pictures.
  • Apostrophes – Multiple areas of the tool received corrections to better accommodate conjunctions, pluralities, and particular surnames.
  • Protractor Appointments – An issue causing appointment reminders to be skipped if appointments were moved has been addressed.
  • MSO Reporting – Admins logins with MSO reporting will again see the MSO Reporting button on all reports.
  • Device Notification – Deleting (unsubscribing) a device notification should occur more smoothly for all users.
  • Quick Add – Non-number characters were being allowed in the phone number field. We now require numbers for numbers.

2/14/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI Sheet Setup – You can now attach MotoVisuals videos to DVI line items from the DVI Sheet Setup page. This means that when an item is marked red or yellow, the MV videos will automatically attach to your DVI. Service advisors can delete these on a case by case basis but will enjoy a quicker DVI prep process as a result of preset recordings.
  • DVI – Added the ability to change the status from inside the DVI. The button indicating the status at the top of the DVI header is now clickable, and will open a modal allowing you to click on the desired status.
  • Check Kiosk – A QR code is now able to be displayed or printed which immediately opens the check-in kiosk for clients. This saves you the extra steps of sending the client a link. True, hands free self Check-in is now possible!
  • Active Customer Page – You can now search for a vehicle by VIN using the search button on the Active Customer Page.
  • Text Manager – Added a new filter to allow you to view only unread messages.
  • Reminders Report – We’ve added a counter for skipped tire rotations and state inspections.
  • Scheduler Kiosk / Company Setup – Business Lunch hours are now able to be added to your company setup page. These are used by our online scheduler to prevent lunch hour appointments if desired.

Bug Fixes:

  • Text Manager – Text manager was not always refreshing toggles after closing the modal, this has been corrected. Multiple other minor issues were corrected as well and users should enjoy a smoother experience in this great new feature.
  • Text Manager – Inbound texts would unexpectedly clear messages that were being typed. This has been corrected.
  • Repopulated DVI Items – These items were not being added to the change log, now they are. In addition they will count more accurately towards benchmark scores.
  • General – This release included some backend updates for integrations, security improvements, and general housekeeping.

1/19/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI Setup – Users requested the option to restore green items to re-populated DVI history notes. We’ve restored that behavior with a new toggle specific to green items.
  • SMS History Search – This function was introduced in the new Service Reminders module, it has been expanded to include the SMS History section of the DVI as well.
  • DVI – Replacing Accordions with Tabs on the DVI to declutter the screen and enhance user experience
  • DVI – Automatic NHTSA Recall Campaign data is now added to the tabs above vehicle details. YMM is all that is required.
  • User Management – Admin Role Added – Shops can now designate more than one user as an administrator in Autoflow
  • Service Reminders – Added template guidance for adding {appt_link} to the messages.
  • Shop-Ware – Level 5 integration activated. Shop-Ware users will now be able to leverage features that depend on Level 5 integration (SMS History.) Full repair history will auto-populate on technicians DVI screen for each vehicle. Now Shop-Ware clients can opt to use the Autoflow Service Reminder Addon.
  • Tekmetric users can now map service packages to line items in their DVI. These packages can be added in DVI Sheet Setup. Mark items red or yellow on the DVI, jobs can be added directly to your estimate upon DVI Push.

Bug Fixes:

  • Omnique Shops – Sales reports details in Autoflow will now display properly.
  • Rainy Folder properly shows all items from master/group sheets. Tire Inspection results will also appear if marked red or yellow on all sheets.
  • Service Reminders – The email icon will properly display for clients that have email followups enabled.
  • Mouseover Tooltips would occasionally hang up on some screens. These have been cleaned up.
  • Text Manager Bugs – The cursor wouldn’t focus on the search input when search is clicked. Now it does!
  • Text Manager was only partially scrolling to bottom of a text thread for users using zoom less than 100%. Auto scroll to bottom should now behave regardless of zoom.
  • Additional technical improvements

1/5/2022 – System Improvements


  • New Text Manager released for all users. This is a new way to manage texts in Autoflow. Look for the new button labeled “Text Manager” on the upper left of your main dashboard, next to the quick add button.
  • Text-to-pay messages can now be sent regardless of the client having an active visit using the text manager.
  • ETC (Estimated Time Completed) a.k.a. promise time is now visible to technicians using ‘slim’ view. This is the view on most tablets and all smartphones.
  • Performance enhancements have been made to our DVI API’s.
  • Biennial State Inspection intervals have been fully added to the Service Reminder Templates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Service Packages added from Autoflow DVI were not cooperating with Service reminders. Now they do.
  • Service Reminders – some language in Protractor concerns was conflicting with Service Reminders, now it won’t.
  • An issue causing duplicate RVH tags has been corrected.
  • License plate fields, VIN, and Mileage will no longer trigger auto-fill in browsers.
  • Work Orders will now consistently remain signed off if a regen occurs and no new items are added.
  • Appointment reminders will again properly be purged when a ticket is added earlier than the reminder date.

2021 - Release Notes

12/13/2021 – System Improvements


  • Tire Inspection results now populate in the Red/Yellow/Green items in the Client report of the DVI. We’ve retained the Tire Inspection details as well. Note: This does NOT apply to the Multi-Axle Tire inspection, only the default format.
  • RVH Tagged Items can now be arranged into any order. Previously tagged items that address concerns were sorted alphabetically.
  • The New Service Reminders module is released with the ability to calculate dates that clients travel in mileage or kilometers. Reminders are scheduled with the click of a button. Recommendation intervals can be established and templatized for a variety of services identified through shop management system history.
  • Added the ability to toggle on/off the “Reply Y to confirm appointment” language that was included in appointment texts. This is able to be selected by admins from Company Setup
  • New MSO Report – DVI Sent% is now calculated in the Sent DVI column of the Multi-Shop-Operator Report.
  • DVI Sheet Setup – We now show which sheets are “Shared” in the sheet selection drop down.
  • Calendar – When making appointments in Autoflow Calendar, we now set the ETC for the same day, + 60 mins.

Bug Fixes

  • We corrected an issue that was causing some Omnique users to see duplicated WO lines.
  • AI Auto-Responder was no longer specifying the day that the shop opens in after hours replies. It’s been reminded to do this.
  • Misc bugs

11/22/2021 – System Improvements


  • Omnique – 2 way status sync
  • Customer History
  • More Mobile fixes from main sheet.
  • Allow for multiple filters to be selected on DVI.
  • Mass customer close option exposed to admin accounts
  • Added 3 new automated tests: Mobile Dashboard, Mobile DVI, and quickadd
  • Report: Add Inspections SENT to the Master Report
  • Kiosk: Add ability for a option for a disclaimer on a Kiosk, due to pricing and canned jobs. Display on last page above signature pad.
  • Report: Add average inspection time by technician to technician report section of DVI report
  • Auto Close appointments after 14 days past due.
  • When completing jobs in the Autoflow work order, jobs are marked completed in Protractor.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing AV inspection links in past work from protractor tickets
  • All Day calendar event would block out kiosk scheduler times.

10/28/2021 – System Improvements


  • Adding a customer with Quick Add or the Add Customer screen how allows you to lookup by name OR telephone number. This largely benefits standalone users who manually add tickets to the dashboard.
  • Adding a customer in with Quick Add or the Add Customer screen now assigns the service writer that adds the customer. (You can still select an alternate advisor, of course)
  • Further enhancements to the overall user experience on mobile devices.
  • Omnique Integration – Worked hours and tech assignments push to Omnique when jobs are completed.

Bug Fixes

  • Dark mode was causing a few graphical issues on mobile device. These are corrected.
  • PDF view of inspections now includes tire pressures for the tire inspection.
  • Some videos were not showing properly if multiple videos were added and removed, and readded. This is corrected.

10/8/2021 – System Improvements


  • Notifications now show additional information such as RO#
  • DVI Images can be added from the image markup modal, reducing clicks.
  • When previous inspection notes are automatically added, these will now include the recommendations.
  • Grove Glove results were improved to now display the tread depth images in the customer facing report.
  • TechFlow now shows vehicle profile images on mouse flyover, similar to main dashboard behavior.
  • Multiple improvements to the mobile screen experience.
  • RVH has been restored to the calendar appointment entry.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing some shops from using links with special characters in automated texts within the workflow.
  • Fixed an issue in TechFlow that caused jobs to appear missing when an admin clocked in.
  • Corrected an issue with “search” that showed too many results if spaces were added.
  • “Clear all notifications” is working properly for all users again.
  • DVI line item numbering has been removed from the PDF view of inspections.
  • Send Followup Toggle is accessible again in multiple places where it was discovered missing.
  • Checkin status information is now properly reported in the Workflow Report

9/3/2021 – System Improvements


  • Reminders – Labels were improved and we added a new column for Invoice numbers.
  • User Management – Add the ability to control which staff members can see tickets assigned to others, or limit their views to only show tickets assigned to them.
  • User Management – Added company setting to clean up the amount of user tabs shown on the dashboard. (Useful for high volume facilities with many staffers.)
  • Calendar – Added a holiday event to the calendar which will prohibit appointments from appearing available on those dates.
  • Customer Score Report – Now this report can be downloaded in .CSV format.
  • Notifications – Reduced Notification screen clutter by expiring any alerts older than 7 days (default). This time frame is adjustable by admins in company setup.

Bug fixes:

  • Omnique Work Order item descriptions are once again displaying correctly for all users.
  • Technicians will no longer occasionally see inbound message alerts regarding client communication.
  • Mobile device display improvements
  • WO completion slider will now retain its place properly for all mobile devices.

8/23/2021 – System Improvements


  • DVI buttons (Green Yellow Red) are more clear when marked. You’ll see the boxes fill in with colors as well as symbols.
  • ETC / Promised time from Protractor should update without requiring a status change.

Bug Fixes:

  • Long DVI line item titles should no longer occlude image modal buttons.
  • Multiple mobile screen display improvements.

8/11/2021 – System Improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Parts only tickets now transfer properly into Tekmetric/Autoflow Work Orders
  • Mapped Packages were not always importing to Protractor on DVI’s with multiple mapped jobs. Multiple packages once again add properly.
  • Added Packages were not imported to Protractor with the catalogue lookups. Now they do.
  • DVI Item Usage summary display was glitched for some users. This is now displaying properly
  • DVI PDF view again properly shows/hides the green items based on your DVI Setup preference
  • DVI PDF will now show green items if you are using the default green option in DVI Setup preference.
  • QC Video line item now properly shows as an issue when marked with a red X.
  • DVI Sheet Setup page, when editing the line item recommendations, long lists of recommendations were not scrolling properly. Now they do.

7/12/2021 – System Improvements

General Enhancements

  • Scheduler/Kiosk – Admins can now remove the option “waiting” when clients are making an appointment.
  • Multi-Shop – Group Sheets – a Master Default toggle has been added to allow you to specify a specific group sheet as the default sheet for all locations. This overrides default sheet selection in all locations.
  • Quick Add – A new modal has been added to the dashboard which permits you to quickly add a client’s vehicle to the dash (non-integrated)
  • Active Customer Page – Performance and technical updates
  • Added option to show/hide password on multiple screens.

Integration Enhancement

  • Protractor – Promised time is now shown as the ETC in Autoflow

Reporting Enhancements

  • Workflow Report – New chart! We now show the average time tickets spend in each status across your selected date range.
  • Engagement report now counts Opt out/Opt Ins for texting

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a loading issue for the add customer module
  • Removed a bug that allowed a shop to archive a DVI while assigned to active customers
  • Corrected an issue with the clickable links in DVI history
  • Internal chat properly scrolls to the latest message
  • Tire inspections should now collapse properly on a single click

6/17/2021 – System Improvements

DVI Enhancements:

  • Multi-Shop DVI Management – Enterprises and multi shop operators can now easily manage shared DVI sheets at any time.
  • Multi-Axle Tire Inspection – Added note fields for load/speed.
  • Multi-Axle Tire inspection – Expanded the first tire size field to allow for characters like P or LT.

QC Enhancements:

  • We’ve added a “Addressed yes/no” toggle to the QC sheet.

Micro-site Enhancements:

  • The Client View (micro-site) for the DVI now includes reports for the WO or QC (if the shop chooses to share them) all from the same link.

Integration Enhancement:

  • (Tekmetric, Protractor) – A new integration toggle has been added to allow automatic DVI Push upon DVI completion. Toggle is found for Admin’s in Integration Setup.
  • (Omnique, Protractor) – We’ve added a new toggle and functionality that allows workflow sync to update statuses in Autoflow backwards. Toggle is on the integration setup page. (Not advised in conjunction with automation in Autoflow)

Texting Enhancement:

  • Appointment Confirmation / Reminders texts can now be customized further with {date} {time} placement. This is managed by admins in the Workflow Setup.

Reporting Enhancements:

  • Added image count to the DVI summary that is visible on the Active Customer Page.
  • New tracking added in the Engagement Report for widget vs. non widget appointments.
  • QC Report now shows issues addressed alongside issues found.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected RVH duplication issue in Protractor.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the Text/Email button from changing when sending subsequent inspections.
  • Corrected the WO- RVH view on small screens to scale appropriately.
  • Customer facing payment button (text to pay) now more clear on how to retry.
  • Sending reports to multiple emails separated by comma now works for all sheets.
  • DVI Report should no longer show inactive users.
  • Darkmode filter dropdown now appears correctly.
  • Further Image upload/load speed tweaks.

5/27/2021 – System Improvements


  • Workflow Setup – Shops using Tekmetric can now use {authorization_link} in their workflow. This has been asked for many times and was previously only possible using “predefined outbound texts.”
  • Appointment Confirmation & Reminder – Message setup now allows for {date} and {time} placeholders. If this is not configured, they will operate as they always have, and append the date/time to the end of the message. Users wishing to only confirm dates but not time can omit the {time} input.
  • Techflow – Cards Are now able to remain expanded based on your custom view settings.
  • Widget/scheduler – now allows the shop to configure a “public” name from the company setup page. In other words, your shop can call itself what ever it wants, regardless of how we have your shop listed.
  • Backend: Bootstrap 4.0 updates are now deployed.


  • TechFlow: We now allow techs to view only their column in TechFlow, or alternate to “All” columns.
  • TechFlow: Estimated Time to Completion (promised time) can now be set from TechFlow.
  • DVI: Shop admins can prevent sign-off of a DVI until Techs mark required line items!
  • Calendar: From our calendar view, private notes are now visible
  • Pagination: Search will query all pages, and pagination starts at 20 vehicles.

Bug Fixes:

  • Misc: Minor fixes to backend database and performance.
  • TechFlow – Corrected an issue with sticky filters.
  • TechFlow – Corrected a slow loading issue in TechFlow when many Future appointments are on the board.
  • Appointment Reminders: Corrected an issue with silent appointments not being silent in some cases.
  • Follow Ups: Prevent follow ups from being triggered for tickets that go from appointment to close (ghost appointments)

5/3/2021 – System Improvements


  • Workflow:
    • Added pagination to the active customer page – Shops with very high volume of tickets can organize them onto pages to avoid longer page refreshes or loading times. Option is in company setup.
  • Work Order Enhancements
    • Allow for a note type entry (Previously items were only parts or Labor)
  • DVI Enhancements
    • Added https:// and a copy icon to make the DVI link easier to lift directly from the DVI send modal.
    • Added DVI Setup option for shops to show the current status of a vehicle in the DVI. A small blue status indicator will show beneath the vehicle description. i.e. Current Status: EST
  • Texting Enhancements
    • Include Opt-out language for first status on workflow: Clients will not see the language “Reply STOP to opt-out” appended to your checkin texts.
  • Calendar Enhancements
    • Added ability to change colors on appointments
    • Allow for multiple filter selections in the calendar
    • Calendar settings are now sticky
    • Show key tag inputs in the Calendar modal
  • Reporting
    • Added workflow time per status in the workflow report (previously this data required additional clicks)
  • Text to Pay
    • You can now attach PDF files (ideally for invoices) directly to your Text to Pay messages. Your clients will see a button that says “click here to view Invoice PDF” on their payment screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tires in the PDF report will now show the green outline if marked good.
  • Improved loading times on slim view
  • Corrected issue with dark mode button overlay on small screens.
  • Corrected mileage not showing on QC sheet
  • Corrected vehicle image rotation in DVI
  • Corrected issue for older devices using basic image upload
  • Various mobile screen display corrections
  • Estimated time to completion now properly defaults to the date of appointments.

3/31/2021 – System Improvements


  • DVI Enhancements:
    • Tagged RVH items now include the item recommendations as well as the item findings.
    • Videos can be added to the RVH.
    • Private notes can be added to the RVH
  • Integration Enhancement
    • (Groove Glove) New Groove Glove integration is live.
    • (Hunter) – Service Advisors now have the ability to soft-delete alignment results from a DVI imported from Hunter.
  • Texting Enhancement
    • Added a 3rd attempt to push a text past filtering by @at-io.com.
  • Reporting Enhancements
    • (New MSO Report) – In addition to the count of customers added to the board, users will now see the total closed customers (posted ROs) in a date range
    • (New MSO Report) – Add count for MotoVisuals attachments to track usage for educational videos.
    • (Workflow Report) now shows a column for the tags attributed to a ticket.
    • (DVI Report) now has a column indicating when/if the DVI results are pushed to your Shop Management System
  • Rewards and Referrals Enhancements
    • R&R report now has a tab for seeing all outstanding points, allowing point liability to be tracked or adjusted easily.
    • Allow points to be sorted by 0-50, 100, 500
  • Scheduler Enhancement
    • The KIOSK Scheduler now has a simple web widget that can be integrated into shop websites.

Bug Fixes:

  • Protractor WO generation corrections for tickets being checked in on “Work Authorized”
  • Corrected issue causing some image thumbnails to break
  • Customer Score response – added new parameters to accommodate 10/10 score replies
  • Corrected issue causing techs total ticket counter to show zero on the ACP
  • Corrected issue with default inspection sheet selection on tickets added via KIOSK
  • Corrected issue in DVI Shet Setup with tooltip for SMS codes
  • Corrected issue on Rainy Day folder template saves
  • Added limit to mileage inputs. Only 7 digits and only numbers
  • Corrected issue on tire information push into Protractor
  • Stock numbers are now displayed on customer view of DVI (for fleets)
  • Corrected issue allowing occasional duplicate parts on the Work Order Parts List
  • Corrected graphical overlaps on a few modals

3/15/2021 – System Improvements

  • Enhancement (Work Order)– Start Work Order with vehicle profile collapsed/hidden.
  • Enhancement (TechFlow) – Ability to set new sticky filter based on which status a ticket is in on the workflow.
  • Integration Enhancement (Protractor) – KIOSK/Scheduler can now add appointments and create RO’s in Protractor.
  • Enhancement (Workflow Setup) – Minor adjustments to status tiles to make movement and expand/collapse more intuitive.
  • Enhancement (Active Customer Page) – Text button now changes color to indicate text delivery error with mouseover tooltip.
  • BUG: Fixed the issue which caused the “item usage report” in DVI Reporting to display outside of the modal.
  • BUG: Fixed inbound MMS not adding the body text.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where DVI recommendations were not filtering the predefined recommendation when typing.
  • Technical Enhancements: Improvements to Follow Up Queue and Rewards and Referrals points table.

2/21/2021 – System Improvements

  • Work Order – Start Work Order expanded with parts and labor. User toggle preference in profile
  • Work Order – Add timestamp of when item was generated (in details). If you punch regen button light up light green. Parts and Labor individual time stamps.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer DVI does not prompt ‘click to view’ when an image has markup. JS error on customer DVI occurs
  • Bug: Fixed isue in Rewards and Refferals where Parent/child restriction is inoperable
  • BUG: Fixed isue where DVI categorized notes need to follow category order value not category id from db, and in export of Sheet DVI notes.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where deleted DVI images need to remain in change log
  • Workflow – Allow for Sticky settings on the Filtering of Status’s.
  • Workflow – Allow for multi-status’s to be selected in Filter. Ex: Instead of just Checkin allow for Checkin and Diagnosing
  • Workflow – Show # of customer currently on board ( a total number count ) as well as how many appointments are on board
  • BUG: Fixed issue when generating the DVI report item usage CSV file. It looks like the data isn’t being compiled in the correct order.
  • BUG: Fixed issue on manage users page – add user modal old cache issue, need to force cache clear
  • BUG: Fixed BS4 subheader showing title of ‘Service advisor’ for tech accounts on small screen dropdown menu
  • BUG: Fixed issue when second or third level referrals not showing dollar amounts
  • BUG: Fixed SMS history showing “null” for certain items

2/2/2021 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue with Kiosk, allowing customers to schedule appointments after shop closing time
  • BUG: Fixed issue where colors/DVI icons did not always correspond correctly after modification on setup page
  • BUG: Fixed issue with Protractor SMS code field overlapping on DVI sheet setup page
  • Added new “Keytag” and “Stock/Unit #” fields on dashboard, DVI, and customer/vehicle profile
  • BUG: Fixed issue where link to DVI on WO did not always work
  • Added dollar amounts to R&R tree on customer profile (with applicable SMS history collection – Tekmetric & Protractor)
  • BUG: Fixed issue with Tekmetric user mapping where users were not assigned correctly in certain cases

1/18/2021 – System Improvements

  • Techflow – Added ability to filter advisors/technicians
  • Techflow – “Sticky settings” now remember your filters & preferences, even if you refresh/leave the page. All settings saved per user.
  • Added appointment sync with Shop-ware
  • Added Tekmetric history to customer profile and rainy day folder
  • Added ability to modify username when creating new user
  • Added toggle to disable SMS push for specific technicians on DVI
  • BUG: Fixed issue where QC form did not render correctly on phone screens
  • Changed “Text Display” to “Slim View”, added a link on the dashboard to change views
  • Enabled SMS push button on DVI for Mitchell clients. Note: adapter upgrade/modifications may be required
  • Added new status widget to change the vehicle status from Techflow
  • BUG: Fixed issue where DVI report charts did not save after a certain number were added
  • BUG: Fixed issue on Work Order where the technician’s name did not display when reassigning jobs

2019 - Release Notes

12/29/2019 – System Improvements

– API enhancements for integrated partners
– Released CDK integration
– Added ability for service advisors to re-add a customer to the board from a previously closed status
– Added notifications for techs upon new vehicle assignment
– Fixed issue where RVH didn’t always update from shop management system

12/16/2019 – System Improvements

– Added Tekmetric automatic work order generation upon RO Approval in Tekmetric.
– Protractor integration – Enhanced DVI pushback to prevent duplicate items
– Added technician notifications on new job assignments – All integrations & standalone
– Performance improvements throughout

12/01/2019 – System Improvements

– Enhanced Virtual Vehicle integration
– Increased DVI note length to 1500 characters
– Added ability for admins to add profile pictures on manage users page
– Enhanced Customer Insights

11/03/2019 – System Improvements

– New text to pay report
– Enhanced integration with Tekmetric
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements
– Improved Omnique history on DVI

10/27/2019 – System Improvements

– Added Tekmetric work order job status sync
– Added ability for RVH notes to push back to Protractor & Omnique when submitting DVI results
– Added ability to push Technician work order notes back to Protractor on time submit
– Added ability to change text to pay number, or send to multiple numbers
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements throughout

10/13/2019 – System Improvements

– Customer Insights released – Videos:
Autoflow DVI Customer Insights overview with Chris Darryl and Craig
Autoflow DVI Customer Insights Walk Thru
– Added new Feed page, accessible from Admin dropdown
– Added ability for Admin accounts to re-add a closed ticket to the dashboard
– Added ability to edit vehicle information on dashboard
– Techflow improvement – Dotted lined boxes show that ticket is actively being worked on by the technician
– Various bug fixes & performance improvements throughout

9/10/2019 – System Improvements

– Improved Work Order integration with Protractor
– Tekmetric integration enhancement – As you change vehicle data in the Autoflow DVI, Tekmetric will immediately be updated
– Added timers to Techflow
– Added ability to upload multiple images to the DVI at a time
– Fixed issue with PNG images on DVI
– Added ability for technicians to make recommendations on DVI line items

8/29/2019 – System Improvements

– Added ability to see closed conversation while customer has open visit
– Improved matching for service packages in Protractor
– Improved image upload speeds on DVI by 203%
– Added completion time to DVI report
– Fixed issue with customer search page not showing all results for a large search
– Added Kiosk integration with Omnique. Appointments and Tickets will automatically be created in Omnique.
– Improved license/VIN decoding on DVI

8/18/2019 – System Improvements

– New license plate/VIN/Vehicle info decoder launched in beta
– Text to pay & Tekmetric – Payment amount will automatically populate
– Added Work Order exclude list for Tekmetric shops
– Various bug fixes on DVI and dashboard
– Added invoice number to work order report

8/12/2019 – System Improvements

– Added ability for admin or service advisor to change DVI signoff
– Tire inspection now hidden to customer if no results are found
– Added ability to make DVI data mandatory (i.e – License, Mileage, VIN, Submodel)
– Added quick select for users to quickly select status of all items in a category
– Added toggle to repopulate tire inspection data
– Added ability to upload PDFs to the inspection sheet
– Added ability for links to be clickable on the customer DVI
– Added dynamic worksheet button to WO and QC sheets

7/28/2019 – System Improvements

– Added view of current workflow status to DVI details
– Added ability to go straight to Work Order or QC sheet from DVI
– Added ability for vehicle image rotation
– Added toggle for users to go straight to camera on DVI image upload
– Added ability to change subject when sending the DVI via email
– Added ability to make new lines in DVI notes by typing “\n”
– Improved reporting speeds
– Fixed potential issues with Tekmetric integration

7/14/2019 – System Improvements

– Enhancement – Groups – Ability to add & manage multiple Phone number and Fleet/family grouping,
Refer to Knowledgebase article for detailed information – A walkthrough of Groups/Grouping

– Change descriptions in daily and weekly stats emails for better clarity
– Revamp of in tool support page
– Shop boss – Level 1 Integration
– Tekmetric – Level 6 Integration

5/30/2019 – System Improvements

– Increased character limit on DVI notes to 900 characters
– Released Gravity Payments integration
– Added ability to create a new line on DVI notes by pressing CTRL + Enter
– Improved ability to reset password by text

5/16/2019 – System Improvements

– Tekmetric – Level 3, 4 & 5 integration
– Kiosk changes – Allow customer to checkin for existing appointment, send text confirmation for all appointments, added security layer
– Added ability to view images full size in locked DVI

5/8/2019 – System Improvements

– Added ability to update RVH (Reason vehicle is here) from integrated systems
– Announcing Tekmetric level 1 integration
– Added ability to view password being typed when resetting a password
– Changed DVI email message to include shop signature
– Added new benchmark page to test device, network speeds, and compatibility
– Added predefined notes dropdown to DVI
– Added ability to search vehicles from customer profile page
– Fixed issue where deleted users showed up in internal chat

4/16/2019 – System Improvements

– Added ability to archive user to prevent data loss
– Added ability to track location of login. Email notifications to users when a new location is detected
– Added ability for users to reset password by text
– Fixed issue where DVI categories were not in the same order on customer DVI

4/3/2019 – System Improvements

– Added timestamp to vehicle profile images
– Improved password reset for administrators

3/21/2019 – System Improvements

– Added benchmark scores to DVI reporting
– Added if DVI item was approved to DVI item history
– Added # of emails sent in DVI reporting
– Fixed customer search to allow for full name

3/10/2019 – System Improvements

– Changed layout of buttons below customer & vehicle information. New dropdown to preview status of DVI, WO & QC
– Technician Accounts – Ability to view Techflow if toggled on from Edit Account
– Announced Protractor Time Clock integration. Ability to push Work Order times back to Protractor
– Technician & Service Advisor Accounts – New notification settings. Technicians can now be notified upon work assigned, internal chat, and others.
NOTE: Technician notifications are only available on Desktop and Android devices at this time.

2/19/2019 – System Improvements

– Added item note & image history on DVI items
– Removed old DVI reporting
– Added calculator to new DVI reporting

2/8/2019 – System Improvements

– Added VIN & License plate update when pushing DVI results to Protractor
– Added ability to change text/email message template for DVI message
– Added ability to tag a DVI image to vehicle image
– Techflow – Only show appointments for today, hide all other appointments
– Added ARO Metrics to new DVI report
– Added images to Reason Vehicle is Here
– Deprecated old DVI. All users moved to new DVI v3
– Added sent/viewed times of DVI on customer profile page
– Fixed issue where orientation change on DVI would change mileage/details

1/26/2019 – System Improvements

– Add service writer and tags to techflow
– Change MOTOR to include normal/severe service, and indicator based lookups
– Fixed issue when saving user settings
– Added ability to filter dashboard on small screens
– Fixed issue where text was not wrapping on work order tablet view

1/18/2019 – System Improvements

– New instant notifications released. Increased reliability, native notification sounds, and more notifications allowed
– Fixed issue where work order notes would disappear for RO Writer shops
– Added Service Writer details to customer DVI

1/15/2019 – System Improvements

– All shops and users moved to new DVI v3. Old DVI now deprecated.

2020 - Release Notes

12/30/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue where duplicate inspections are adding to the Autoflow work order
  • Enabled Appointment Sync toggle for Napa Tracs Enterprise clients
  • Fixed issue where recommendations did not repopulate after changing on the DVI setup page
  • Added license plate identifier on the active customer PDF report
  • BUG: Fixed an issue with Kiosk times not being selectable
  • BUG: Fixed table sorting issues on DVI report

12/16/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added pulsing visual effect to internal chat icon when user has unread messages
  • Moved Tags, Service Advisor, Technician and ETC to an easier accessible place on mobile devices “details” section on the dashboard
  • Tekmetric history now includes more data from the DVI sheet. Labor time, prices, quantities, and more now available
  • New integration with Shop-ware. Added ability to push DVI results to Shop-ware ticket
  • BUG: Fixed issue with DVI sheet setup page where it would not load if tire reminder template had certain characters

12/8/2020 – System Improvements

  • Sales report now live for Protractor integrated clients
  • Toll-free phone number redundancy now in place for improved message deliverability
  • BUG: Fixed an issue where PDF links would fail to send
  • Disable appointment message from integration is now live! Toggle from the integration setup page

12/07/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue where predefined notes would disappear if another was deleted
  • BUG: Fixed issue with new tire inspection on DVI reporting page
  • BUG: Fixed issue where PDFs sent from the dashboard were not shortened URLs
  • BUG: Fixed issue where images uploaded on add customer page would shrink to a smaller size
  • Added sentiment to NPS popup on Active Customer dashboard
  • Added enhanced password requirements throughout tool for increased security
  • Added new message delivery redundancy number
  • Added ability to add new users from the manage users page

11/22/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Added shop’s email address to “reply-to” field on other automated emails to customers
  • BUG: Fixed issue where DVI sheets could be deleted after 20+ completions
  • Added training links to other Admin pages for assistance
  • Increased password length requirement to 12 characters. Requires letters, numbers and symbols
  • Added short URL redundancy for improved message deliverability
  • Fixed drag & drop issue on DVI report settings popup box
  • New commercial tire section officially live!

11/02/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue with text to pay timestamps displaying incorrectly when shop is in specific timezones
  • Added ability to add multiple predefined notes for each DVI item
  • BUG: Fixed % DVI emailed number in DVI report
  • Added # of image markings per DVI in the DVI report
  • BUG: Fixed issue with scrollable header on DVI report
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer’s phone number did not display on the text to pay site
  • BUG: Fixed issue with HTML characters not decoding in shop email signature
  • BUG: Fixed issue where some parts would show twice on WO parts list
  • BUG: Fixed issue where user images couldn’t be uploaded from iPad on user settings page
  • BUG: Fixed issue with work order image uploads occasionally failing
  • Upgraded front-end libraries for all reports
  • Changed Work Order “Details” section to expand and collapse, like the DVI, on mobile phones
  • Added Protractor Invoice history to rainy day folder
  • Upgraded front-end libraries on all Admin/Setup pages
  • Added ability to email custom message to customer from dashboard
  • BUG: Fixed issue where appointments set for 12:00am were still sending the time.

10/15/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue with DVI completion times
  • BUG: Fixed layout issues on QC sheet
  • Added ability to view category video history on DVI
  • BUG: Fixed issue where small screens could reload when scrolling
  • Changed “SMS History” to “Protractor History” for clarity
  • Added elapsed status time on the dashboard status change popup and workflow report
  • Changed weekly report to match format of new daily report
  • BUG: Fixed issue where “sent/paid on” toggle would not change text to pay report
  • BUG: Fixed issue where ticket would disappear from WO parts list, even though there were incomplete jobs
  • Added Protractor (SMS) history to customer profile

10/06/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added links to training documents for Admin setup pages
  • DVI PDF – Added additional RVH information
  • BUG: Fixed issue where Protractor sheet SMS code did not copy in duplication or export/import
  • BUG: Fixed Basys text to pay integration for production credentials
  • Changed DVI completion time to only track up to the initial sheet signoff
  • Upgraded front-end framework for more Admin pages

9/24/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue where notes did not save on video line items in certain occurrences.
  • BUG: Fixed UI issue where button sizes were uneven on shop management system work order generate prompt
  • BUG: Fixed NPS text tagging issue
  • Added Protractor DVI sheet mapping by “SMS Code”. Allows specific sheet mapping for ticket add, DVI pushback, and work order generation DVI mapping
  • Added new module – Auto Reminders
  • API: Added customer approval field to DVI API at the line item level
  • BUG: Fixed issue where same inbound message would hit the shop multiple times.
  • UI Upgrade: Upgraded front-end framework on multiple Administrator pages
  • Added Hunter Webservice URL to Integration setup page
  • Added RVH Update ability with Tekmetric integration. Allows for update and delete of RVH notes on sync from Tekmetric to Autoflow.
  • Added check for “Primary” phone field with Tekmetric integrated shops
  • BUG: Fixed issue with AI chat where bad prompts would be given during an active status
  • BUG: Fixed issue where your scroll position would not stay if realtime dashboard refreshed
  • BUG: Fixed back-end performance issues with Hunter integration
  • Automatically enabled realtime dashboard for all new accounts.

9/8/2020 – System Improvements

  • Enhancement Make tire inspection inputs a numeric type for mobile users
  • API: Redo Protractor/Shop-Ware SMS username field. Create dropdown from employees.
  • BS4 Upgrade upgrade admin change password page
  • BS4 Upgrade upgrade admin mso accounts page
  • BS4 Upgrade upgrade admin user setup pages
  • Enhancement Allow video attachment for Inspection items
  • Enhancement Enable Protractor history for all Protractor clients
  • Enhancement Allow SMS code mapping per recommendation.
  • Bug: Fix twilio programable voice webhook
  • Bug: Fix Tekmetric integration bug – Dupe appointments popping up on the board if appointment is edited in Tekmetric after creating ticket
  • Bug: DVI Notes setup page – Pull DVI sheets on page load, not from session. Helps when setting up new sheets so you don’t have to relogin
  • Bug: Update status time averages to use read replica
  • Bug: Fix HTML character decoding for texts sent via client connection update
  • Bug: Fixed DVI button not working on new QC page if non WO shop
  • Bug: Fix findVehicleInMSO query
  • Bug: Fix status response code to ignore chat bot on invalid response

8/24/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixes issue where itemized notes did not copy on DVI sheet export/import or duplicate.
  • BUG: Fixes issue in Workflow report where Appointment status did not display correctly.
  • Added ability to text Invoice links from Tekmetric via Autoflow dashboard, with an {invoice_link} placeholder.
  • Added parts ordered/arrived sync from Tekmetric to Autoflow.

8/19/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added ability for notes and recommendations to be associated with a red/yellow/green status on the DVI item
  • Added ability for Admin users to edit customer score from the report page
  • BUG: Fixes issue where kilometers would not push back to Protractor in certain scenarios
  • BUG: Fixes issue with Protractor labor rates on mapped service packages on DVI push-back
  • Changed Protractor DVI push-back to include number of images, rather than full links
  • Added collection of deferred services in Protractor history (Coming soon!)
  • Added remote shop management system vehicle ID to vehicle merge
  • Added ability for shop & users to define default markup color on DVI images
  • Added “Saved” badge on DVI items change, when adding notes, severity, etc.
  • Added ability to scroll through all DVI images in image popup
  • Added dropdown for SMS user mapping on add new user page for Tekmetric integrated clients
  • Reconstructed back-end of Protractor history collection (Coming soon!)
  • Renamed “Benchmark Test” to “Network Test”
  • Moved Billing link to company setup page, away from main dropdown
  • Added ability to default the status countdown time to days.
  • BUG: Fixed various no-auto mode “vehicle” references
  • Fixed issue with clearing ETC/Time-out in Tekmetric when cleared in Autoflow

8/09/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue where master report “Closed” count was not correct
  • BUG: Fixed issue with sending multiple text to pay messages with Gravity, 360 Payments (New version), and Basys text to pay processors
  • BUG: Fixed issue where RVH is open on work orders that have no RVH items
  • BUG: Fixed issue on set priority when sorting priority for the same technician

8/02/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issue where text to pay thank you message did not save in the conversation with 360 or Gravity payments integrations
  • BUG: Fixed issues with access levels and permissions from the main menu
  • Added * next to required meta-data fields on the DVI
  • Added new DOT and approval toggle for the tire section
  • Added ability to rearrange the tire section on the customer inspection
  • Added ability to toggle the tire section to the top or bottom of the shop DVI sheet
  • Techflow enhancement – Automatically assign techs in Tekmetric when assigned in Techflow or Set Priority
  • Added new customer merge feature
  • Small UI enhancements on the dashboard – Combine the text & email updates buttons
  • Added ETC, Service Advisor and tags to Work Order and QC form
  • BUG: Fixed issue where issues count in DVI report did not match issues per DVI

7/15/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Fixed issues where some NPS links sent out were invalid
  • BUG: Fixed issue where color picker did not work on smaller screens
  • Changed ordering of text to pay report to show the most recent payment first
  • BUG: Fixed issue with kiosk where only first 5 jobs would add
  • BUG: Fixed issue where auto-update on DVI/WO/QC signoff would move the status backwards, causing unexpected behavior.
  • BUG: Fixed issue with Gravity & 360 Payments where the confirmation text would not send if using Textbox.

7/7/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added ability to forward old text number to new number
  • Added “auto-update” feature to DVI, WO & QC signoff. Automatically moves vehicle to next status after signoff
  • Added after hours default message option to AI automated responses
  • Introduced No-Auto DVI – Generic “Digital Visual Inspection” option
  • Added ETC, assigned service advisor and tags to the top of the DVI
  • New vehicle merge feature
  • BUG: Fixed issue where trend report shows incorrect average times
  • BUG: Fixed issue where user could not manually add a vehicle in Kiosk
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer score was not read correctly from the conversation AI
  • BUG: Fixed issue where work order parts list did not save for scheduled appointments

6/24/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Text button on dashboard did not always turn red if a message was sent to a bad number
  • BUG: Fixed UI issue on work order notes popup
  • Added user tracking to status changes from compatible shop management systems. The assigned advisor will be logged as the user changing the status
  • Added a “closed” customer count to the master report
  • Added notification count in browser tab
  • Added quick link on support page to the release notes page
  • Added configurable countdown timers in the workflow setup page
  • Added configurable orange/red trigger times on workflow setup page
  • Added item notes to RVH item tagging
  • BUG: Fixed issue where technicians were not assigned from work order generation from shop management systems
  • BUG: Fixed issues with CDK integration
  • BUG: Fixed issue where ETC did not remove from Autoflow dashboard when cleared from Tekmetric

6/15/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added No-Auto version of Kiosk/Contactless Check-in.
  • Added Techflow to top header, modified support link.
  • Added Customer Score option for follow-up messages.
  • Added customer score reporting.
  • Modified 2/4wd option on DVI to a dropdown.
  • Added signature capture for Gravity & Basys payment processors.
  • Tekmetric integration – Added ability for ETC/Time out to sync both ways upon changing in either system.
  • Added “Ordered?” option on Work Order parts list – Also shown on technician’s work order.
  • Added line break capability to work order notes.
  • Added new themes option to match Shop Management System color scheme.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where VIN did not push back to Tekmetric when using VIN scanner from the DVI.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where empty DVI sheets were allowed to be used/selected, causing adverse issues elsewhere.

6/2/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added “Service & Repairs” as RVH option in Kiosk
  • BUG: Fixed issue where active customer PDF did not display assigned technicians correctly.
  • BUG: Corrected issue for new wall message in “No Auto” mode
  • BUG: Fixed issue where calendar did not scale appropriately on smaller screen devices.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where deleted employees showed up in calendar employee list
  • BUG: Fixed issue where shortened URLs did not always send as HTTPS
  • BUG: Fixed issue where unchecked DVI items showed up in customer DVI
  • BUG: Fixed issue where predefined DVI notes dropdown did not show up on small screens
  • BUG: Fixed calendar time grid for shops that do not yet have business hours set up.
  • Added ability for “No Auto” shops can utilize the calendar.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where ampersand “&” did not display correctly in emailed DVI report.

5/21/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG – Fixed issue where RVH mapping to DVI items did not show up in the DVI PDF.
  • BUG – Fixed issue with Kiosk timeslots
  • BUG – Fixed design issue with DVI dropdown to access WO or QC
  • BUG – Fixed link issue with customer profile text history links
  • BUG – Fixed issue with CDK appointment timezones

5/17/2020 – System Improvements

  • New wall message functionality released! Abilities to post wall messages to service advisors / technicians directly, specific employees, and performance enhancements.
  • Added Technicians & Service Advisor columns to Workflow report.
  • Introduced Basys integration – New payment processor for text to pay.
  • Added new button on conversation modal to show/hide predefined messages.
  • BUG: Customer DVI sometimes displays items that were previously deselected on the DVI sheet.
  • BUG: CDK appointment integration – Incorrect timezone setting.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer DVI on iOS devices could redisplay previous image upon clicking a different one.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where Shop-ware tickets did not automatically close upon invoicing the ticket in Shop-ware.

4/28/2020 – System Improvements

  • Tekmetric integration now syncs assigned service advisor and first assigned technician from Autoflow back to Tekmetric. This sync happens when updating from “Details” on the dashboard, or on auto-assign.
  • Introduced EasyPay integration!
  • BUG – Fixed issue where notification bell did not show notifications on certain pages
  • BUG – Fixed issue that allowed sending text to pay messages with a “0” invoice number
  • BUG – Fixed issue where edit user popup on “Manage Users” page did not allow dashes in names or usernames
  • Improved layout and ordering of the Add new user page
  • BUG – Fixed issue where sending a text to pay message to an invalid phone number would leave the button frozen.

4/19/2020 – System Improvements

  • New Quality Control v2 form released
  • Added ability to associate RVH and DVI items for shop and customer view
  • New Autoflow calendar released
  • Improved MSO admin report
  • BUG – Autoflow WO history on DVI showing incorrect user next to jobs corrected
  • Added ability to push WO notes back to Protractor without job times changing
  • Other bug fixes and small enhancements throughout

4/05/2020 – System Improvements

  • Introduced Text-to-Pay Only mode! Text-to-Pay Tier
  • Added clarification to “Addressed/Unaddressed” on customer DVI items
  • Added ability to email payment link to customers

3/23/2020 – System Improvements

  • Added “Car Count/Checkins” to Master and Engaged reports
  • Added ability to upload multiple vehicle images at a time from DVI
  • Added ability to change default tag colors
  • Added Repair Writer Level 6 integration
  • Removed apostrophes from customer name on Tekmetric integration, to fix various related issues.
  • BUG: Fix customer DVI to show tire section, even if just images are uploaded
  • BUG: Fix “work done” and “appointments” sections on the dashboard when tech sorts by priority
  • BUG: Fix issue where video notes with only numbers would not allow updating on the DVI
  • BUG: 360 Payments integration – On small transactions, shop notification email would show amount as $0.00
  • BUG: Add tire section item checks to dynamic worksheet dropdown button on the dashboard
  • BUG: Tireshop integration sometimes sending appointment texts even during an active status

3/4/2020 – System Improvements

  • New DVI PDF format to match the layout of the customer DVI. Items are now grouped by status (Red, Yellow, Green).
  • Added auto-focus of cursor when opening the search box on the dashboard.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where “Work Done” section would overlap text on phone screens.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where vehicle images on customer DVI could not be scrolled through.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where invoice number would not show in MSO DVI history.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where MSO DVI history would not display all results. Now matching vehicles based on VIN or License plate.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where multiple instances of the same customer and vehicle would appear on the dashboard, if multiple text to pay messages were sent.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where Gravity payments would mark a payment as “paid” when the transaction was declined.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where 2-way status sync did not work with auto-update on Shop-ware integration.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where DVI image counts on technician report were incorrect.

2/26/2020 – System Improvements

  • Announcing Shop-Ware level 4 & 6 integration – Integration Page
  • Introduced automatic work order generation from Protractor when ticket is moved to “Work Authorized”
  • Added MSO DVI history, for the ability to view prior inspections done at other locations within the MSO. Viewable from the top dropdown of the DVI. This only applies to MSO companies
  • Added feature to hide tickets on technician view when all assigned work on the work order is completed.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer DVI opening would not count towards benchmark score
  • BUG: Corrected issue where MOTOR maintenance data would not show in Kilometers

2/13/2020 – System Improvements

  • Fixed issue with Gravity payments where customers could not pay if invoice number was less than 3 digits. Now, a minimum of 3 digits are required to send a text to pay message
  • Added integration with SDR Repair Writer
  • Tekmetric integration enhancement – Added “On Hold” as a mappable status
  • Tekmetric integration enhancement – Integration will now look for a phone number that contains the word “mobile” or “cell”. Previously, the phone title was required to be exactly “Mobile” or “Cell”
  • BUG: Fix Tekmetric history sorting on DVI to sort from most recent to oldest history.
  • BUG: Fix Tekmetric 2-way status update on auto-update in Autoflow. Previously, some statuses in Tekmetric would not update when the auto-update was triggered by DVI or QC.
  • Added option to toggle Mileage, Kilometers, Hours to DVI setup
  • Added Toggle for Email Followups
  • Enable SMS button on DVI if previously signed off. Users will now be prompted with “Are you sure you want to resubmit?”
  • Introducing in-app training for trial accounts!
  • Added DVI note typeahead to RVH items
  • Added new button on DVI notes box to allow a quick option for a new line in a note
  • Introduced Dark mode on active customer’s page
  • Added highlight and bold for clarity on search results when searching for a customer or invoice
  • Fixed various spelling corrections throughout the application
  • BUG: When sending a custom message on the dashboard, the button would not disable (allowing multiple texts to send), and screen would sometimes freeze.
  • BUG: Added RVH changes to change log on DVI
  • BUG: When searching for a customer by first name and last name, the search would not work
  • BUG: Only allow alphanumeric characters and dashes in invoice number for text-to-pay messages, due to standards on payment processing side
  • Allow for multiple text to pay messages to be sent to the customer for scenarios like split payment
  • BUG: Fixed issue where customer messages would include “&”.
  • BUG: Fixed issue with large images on DVI not being fully viewable on customer DVI.
  • BUG: Fixed issue when copying a DVI sheet, categorized notes did not copy
  • Cleaned up technical debt on servers

2/3/2020 – System Improvements

  • Improved Shop-ware integration. Allows for immediate transfer & full status sync with auto-close.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where links were not clickable in DVI messages due to invalid link format.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where closed DVI RVH images could not be downloaded
  • BUG: Fixed Virtual Vehicle video stats in DVI reporting

1/27/2020 – System Improvements

  • Changed “Resend DVI to customer” button on customer profile to use rainy day folder.
  • Added option in DVI to include specific vehicle images
  • Added ability to search for customers based on invoice number
  • Phone number and PII information is now hidden on DVI PDF
  • Changed default text/email DVI message for improved delivery rates
  • Default text to pay message now changed to “Please review the following to pay your invoice:”

1/22/2020 – System Improvements

  • BUG: Tekmetric DVI pushback does not always work. Correction with the Tekmetric API has been put in place.
  • Tekmetric integration enhancement – Allow mileage to push back to the Tekmetric ticket when entered on the DVI or work order
  • Removed the “Added from Autoflow inspection” on Protractor mapped jobs due to high request.
  • BUG: Fixed issue with Tekmetric integration where business names would not be properly transferred over.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where work order generation from shop management system did not properly assign/unassign technicians.
  • Several performance & reliability enhancements added throughout the system
  • API: Integration partners utilizing the MSO feature can query the API and only retrieve the last month’s data by default
  • Kiosk Improvements:
    • Allow a lookup via phone number or Email address
    • Added a check to see if the customer is new or existing
    • Added prior DVI recommendations to kiosk “services” tab
  • Added Kiosk scheduler to Review follow-up page
  • Added AI stats to Engaged report
  • Added progress bar to work order jobs. Percentage complete can also be viewed from Techflow
  • BUG: Fixed issue where Android tablets did not default to camera, despite setting toggled on
  • Added view of failed follow-up messages for carrier spam flagging
  • Changed the “From previous inspection” on prior DVI recommendations to only append after the first visit
  • Added status auto-update to Workflow report
  • Added new “Sentiment Analysis” in Engaged report to monitor the sentiment of messages to/from customers
  • Added Kiosk scheduler link to customer DVI if visit has been closed
  • BUG: Fixed occasional issue with Omnique appointments not transferring
  • BUG: Fixed issue where receipts/transaction notifications from Gravity payments did not properly process
  • BUG: Yellow DVI status did not show up in workflow report
  • BUG: Daily stats email did not properly count the DVI images
  • BUG: Fixed phone number in inbound message email to shop

2017 - Release Notes

12/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer vehicle from one customer to another
– Added ability to setup vacation auto-response for all incoming text messages

11/24/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to recall tire measurements on subsequent visits on DVI
– Added new “Reason Vehicle is Here” section at top of DVI

11/17/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to map service writers & technicians from select Shop Management Systems

11/5/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to resend DVI to customer on a future date
– Added ability to expand or collapse all DVI sections by clicking button at the top of the DVI
– Expanded “Notes” field on DVI

9/13/2017 – System Improvements

– Added CARFAX integration on Digital Vehicle Inspection sheet

 8/28/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to move an active status back to an appointment
– Improved customer profile page
– New “non-workflow” dashboard
– Added ability to enlarge a vehicle identifier image on the DVI

 8/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view assigned service writer and technician on dashboard
– Improved ROI calculators on reporting pages
– Improved “Manage Users” page for administrators to modify shop personnel information

 7/10/2017 – New reporting module released

– New “Shop Master Report” with a general overview of all Autoflow usage statistics
– New “Engaged Report” to see how many customers were added, How many times they were engaged and How many updates were sent
– New “Workflow Report” displaying every customer in a specific date range and where they were at what date/time
– Improved reporting and statistics on DVI & QC report
– Included calculators on reporting pages to calculate return on investment or see amount of time saved
– Updated PDF formats for print format
– Added ability to export all reports in .csv format
– Improved charts & graphs for better visual representation
– Added ability to see who “Top performers” are in your shop

6/23/2017 – System Improvements

– Doubled text character limit from 160 to 320 characters
– Improved integration with Omnique

6/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Improved “Active Customers” pdf
– Notification for DVI completion states which DVI was completed
– Accordion style shrinking of sections on DVI
– Added ding to incoming push notifications
– Improved user-interface for QC sheets

6/5/2017 – New Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) Release

– Improved performance, design & layout
– Better mobile view for phones & tablets
– New tire inspection format
– New image markup feature
– Ability to add vehicle images for identification or liability purposes
– Added “Miscellaneous” field for custom information like Oil filter ID’s
– Ability to name severities (Green, Yellow, Red)
– New “Zip-to-section” feature on the left side to quickly access different areas of the inspection sheet
– New, simplified overview layout
– Ability to complete multiple inspections for a single customer on each visit
– New “DVI Status” box to show all details about each inspection completed
– New PDF format
– Easier submit button at the top of the screen
– Improved customer-facing inspection view when texted

5/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Ability to view customers waiting/drop-off status in the customer history report
– Improved Protractor integration for appointments

5/1/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to assign service writers and technicians to customer upon checkin

4/14/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view which customers have viewed the inspection report on prior inspections
– Added longer typeahead functionality to allow shops to add descriptive summary notes for customer education

3/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to attach videos to digital inspection sheet

3/9/2017 – System Improvements

– Notifications when a customer views an inspection

3/6/2017 – System Improvements

– New dashboard & workflow released
    – Streamlined & modernized workflow
    – Differentiate between Waiting/Drop-off Customers
    – Ability to associate parts vendors with workflow step

2/27/2017 – Integration Improvements

– Updated & improved integration with Omnique Shop Management software
    – Ability to automatically add a customer to Autoflow from Omnique
    – Submit inspection results back into Omnique, directly from Autoflow

1/30/2017 – System Improvements

– New header menu in entire system
    – Improved mobile layout and design
– Added ability for customers to send images to shop Autoflow account

1/19/2017 – System Improvements

– Added 2017 vehicle models to database

2018 - Release Notes

12/30/2018 – System Improvements

– Added RO# to DVI reporting
– Added change for DVI button on dashboard to be yellow when DVI was sent, but not viewed by customer
– Improved options and fixes in Techflow.

12/26/2018 – System Improvements

– Newly designed Integration Setup page for easier setup
– Introduced integration with Gravity Payments
– Added ability to map Protractor inspections to Autoflow inspections when adding customers
– Added work order stats and total status average time to daily stats
– Introduced new DVI reporting
– Fixed issue where RO Writer tickets could disappear in Autoflow under certain circumstances
– Fixed issue where DVI benchmark score was not calculated properly

12/13/2018 – System Improvements

– Added hours to progress bars in techflow
– Added vehicle notes to digital work order

12/9/18 – System Improvements

– New & improved internal chat with new group chat ability
– Changed “Customer Status” in details to Tags, added ability to customize shop tags
– Added Autoflow work order history on DVI
– Fixed issue where videos on DVI might not be visible after uploading

11/10/2018 – DVI v3 Announced. Includes the following –

– New image marker. Includes boxes, circles, arrows, and color adjustment
– Vehicle specific notes that display on each visit
– Private notes highlighted in red
– Timestamps on images/videos attached
– Individual benchmark score, defined by the shop administrator
– Major performance increases throughout
– Included previous mileage in DVI notes repopulation
Watch the Video on the Key New Features

– Added timer direction arrows to determine if the time is counting up or down in that workflow step
– Increased height of referral tree in customer profile for rewards/referral program
– Announced auto assign & auto update to further automate workflow

10/4/18 – System Improvements

– Added 360 Payments integration

9/27/18 – System Improvements

– Fixed incorrect calculation of %opened & %viewed DVIs in reporting

9/17/18 – System Improvements

– Added integration with Textbox
– Changed icon package for new & improved look

9/4/18 – System Improvements

– Changed MOTOR to use normal service tables, not severe service
– Fixed Omnique history display on new DVI

9/4/18 – System Improvements

9/1/18 – System Improvements
– Added filter by status on dashboard
– Fixed minor design flaws in Internal Chat
– Added ETC to Techflow

8/26/2018 – System Improvements

– New DVI v3 introduced
– Added techflow
– Added extra metrics to DVI reporting for technicians and service advisors
– Fixed issue where ETC time saved when it was not set
– New “Filter by status” feature added

8/10/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed minor design issue on Work Order
– Improved internal chat speed/reliability
– Fixed issue on MOTOR lookup where mileage was not correct.

8/1/2018 – System Improvements

– Ability to generate a blank work order, for stand-alone shops.
– Ability to add an “inspection” as a job on work-order.
– Fixed issue where new dashboard could go back to old dashboard upon clicking a notification.

7/24/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed issue where internal chat tool was making system slow down

7/16/2018 – System Improvements

– Redesigned internal support page inside system
– Migrated all accounts to new dashboard with set priority option
– Display error if Omnique insert fails (Notes over 500 characters)
– Discontinued support for Internet Explorer

7/4/2018 – System Improvements & MOTOR Integration

– Added MOTOR service details to DVI
– Fixed issue with email report being incorrect due to various timezones
– Added # of images to DVI insert to Omnique

6/23/2018 – System Improvements

– Workflow automatically refreshes without having to log out and back in
– DVI link is inserted at top of Protractor inspection
– Improved DVI insert for Protractor

6/15/2018 – System Improvements

– On Work Order regeneration from shop management system, work order reverts to incomplete
– View when DVIs were emailed in DVI reporting module
– Fixed issue where SMS package codes did not display in DVI sheet setup

5/1/2018 – New Dashboard & System Improvements

– New & improved active customers dashboard
– Performance enhancements
– Technician priority
– View status history of current active statuses
– Enhanced Protractor integration, no delay in customer transfer
– Ability for service advisors to access parts list
– Added easy export & import functionality to DVI sheets setup

4/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed issue where new iPhone X video encoding would prevent customer from viewing videos
– Removed first name field requirement from new customer add page

4/7/2018 – System Improvements

– Ability for service advisors to post wall messages to the shop
– Added parts list page that shows what parts are needed for work orders and if it has arrived or not
– Added ability to collapse DVI sections on small screens

3/21/2018 – System Improvements

– Added “Previous DVIs” button to the DVI sheet to see prior inspection data.

3/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to re-generate work order from shop management system (Protractor & Omniue only)

3/15/2018 – System Improvements

– Added larger text box and private notes feature to DVI
– Fixed issue when closing customer conversation box on active customers page, the screen would remain dark

3/6/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to auto-tab to next input field on the DVI tire section

2/26/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view what technician completed the DVI and Work Order on the final QC sheet
– Fixed issue where DVI PDF categories were out of order

2/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability for unknown customers to text the shop and shop users can reply via customer page
– Speed/Performance improvements throughout

2/15/2018 – System Improvements

– DVI Setup & DVI Typeahead setup page makeovers
– Added ability to auto-add package jobs to Protractor ticket on DVI submit
– Expanded limit on tinyURLs to reduce errors when texting DVIs to customers

2/1/2018 – System Improvements

– Internal Chat released
– Added ability to generate work order from Protractor to Autoflow
– Added ability to add/display part number on Work Order
– In customer reply email, display what user sent the message vs only the shop name

1/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer Protractor “Concerns” and Omnique C1 items to Autoflow Reason Vehicle is here

1/13/2018 – System Improvements

– Increased text area size for vehicle detail notes on DVI and Work Order
– Added X on DVI PDF next to items not approved by customer for visual display
– Allow Service Writer/Admin to change technician & completion time on Work Order
– Added title to Work Order sections

1/2/2018 – Autoflow is now autoflow

– Autoflow is dead! Autoflow is our new name.
– Added digital work order add-on

2016 - Release Notes

12/30/2016 – System Improvements

– Converted design from Twitter Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
    – Improved, cleaner design
    – Small changes made throughout
    – Made changes to mobile design & proper scalability on phones

12/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Quality Control Inspections automatically default to good/green

12/5/2016 – Feature Release

– Released Free Digital Quality Control add-on

12/1/2016 – System Improvements

– Added desktop push notification for inspection complete to include vehicle year, make & model

11/18/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to show/hide status time averages on Active Customers page

11/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Added reporting to digital inspection sheet to view what items are being recommended per technician to prevent “Pencil-whipping”

10/28/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to print old text conversations from customer profile

10/16/2016 – Bug Fixes & System Improvements

– Fixed issue when trying to upload large pictures to the digital inspection sheets
– Added ability to toggle desktop push notifications per user account

10/4/2016 – System Improvements

– Changes in daily reporting email for clearer reporting on usage
– Added ability to recall prior items marked “Good” on previous inspections

10/1/2016 – Major Infrastructure Improvements

– MIgrated Autoflow server from private hosted to Amazon Web Services cloud
    – Improved speed & reliability
    – Added security of customer & shop information
    – Improvements in email delivery

9/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Darkened text area outlines for easier readability on certain devices/screens

9/1/2016 – Infrastructure & System Improvements

– Moved from PHP version 5.3 to 5.6
– Added ability to attach the additional inspection button to any workflow stage via the message setup page

8/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Improved speed and performance of Digital Inspection sheet

7/26/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Digital inspections automatically default to good/green
– Added ability to clear all notifications at once
– Added customer name to popup when closing them off the dashboard

7/21/2016 – System Improvements

– Added Transmission field & Miscellaneous field on digital inspection form
– Added ability to not send a time in a scheduled appointment text by selecting 12:00 AM when scheduling
– Improved performance and shortened load times on Active Customers page

5/16/2016 – System Improvements

– Added shop name to customer-facing inspection sheet

5/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Added new tire section to digital vehicle inspection sheet

4/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to view prior inspection reports for previous customer visits
– Desktop push notifications upon customer text reply and/or when an inspection is signed off
– Minor changes made to customer-facing inspection report for improved clarity & understanding

3/28/2016 – Big Fixes

– Fixed an issue with emails not getting sent to new users upon account creation

3/14/2016 – System Improvements & Bug Fixes

– Ability to have multiple digital inspection sheets for each shop
– Improved design on mobile devices
– Shop logo upload ability to customer-facing inspection sheet
– Fixed bug when modifying inspection notes, so it displays current note in popup when you click to edit

3/1/2016 – Feature Release & System Improvements

Digital Vehicle Inspection add-on released
– Extended logout time to 1 hour to reduce excessive account signout

2/13/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to toggle on/off text updates & follow up message from the Active Customers page under the “Details” button
– New timeline view of all vehicles in shop

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