October 2022 Release Notes

10/25/2022 – System Improvements


  • Reporting – Workflow and Work Order reports have been re-written. Reporting metrics will look similar to our users, but the reports should perform better. With this update we can look forward to additional enhancements!
  • DVI Sheet Setup – Sub statuses can now be imported, exported, and duplicated along with DVI line items, notes, and recommendations. The sub-statuses are improving DVI times. Try them out!
  • MSO Management – Our team now has additional tools to create a super-admin login for multi-shop operators that want a single login to navigate their shops. This can be requested at support@Autoflow.com or through our training staff.
  • Client Connection – We’ve updated our client connection and phased the rollout. HITS and Protractor have been migrated to this new version in this release.

iDVI Enhancements:

  • iDVI API’s – We have added API’s specific to iDVI to allow Integrators to able to create an iDVI inspection request, dispatch that request to the repair facility, get real time inspection status notifications, and retrieve the inspection results all through the iDVI API’s.
  • Initiate Email – We have added the ability for Claims Adjusters to launch the windows default email client and insert the Service Advisor email to draft and send an email to the repair facility. This eliminates unnecessary clicks and improves adjuster productivity.
  • Today’s Stats for iDVI – The Today’s Stats have been modified to be more aligned with iDVI usage.
  • Hide Claim # – The claim number has been removed from any text and/or email to the repair facility.
  • iDVI Inspection Email – We have given the iDVI Inspection request email to the repair facility a bit of a face lift to include more details and clear confusion.
  • iDVI Workflow Report – The workflow report has been reworked to include claim number. We also removed some columns that were not relevant to iDVI usage.
  • Duplicate Inspection Requests – We have added logic to notify Adjusters when a duplicate iDVI request is being sent based on claim number.

Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar – The list view on tablets was showing tooltips incorrectly. These have been addressed.
  • DVI Notes Setup – DVI Notes setup was not displaying notes if the browser was zoomed in. This is corrected.
  • Tech View – The active customer page was not updating the appointment counter on the “all” tab. This counter is once again correct.
  • Add Customer – Using a comma in the odometer field broke the modal. Punctuation is no longer punished.
  • Vehicle Profile Images – The time stamp on the tagged image’s profile image showed the time and date the tagging occurred, not the time and date of the actual upload.
  • TechFlow – The Search function was inoperative for searches for some parameters. Search now allows all searchable parameters to be queried.
  • iDVI Report – We have fixed a bug that was not counting images and videos in the iDVI report.
  • iDVI Motorcycle Tire Inspection – FIxed a broken link concerning the rear tire in the Tire Inspection.

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