July 2022 Release Notes

7/14/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI – Video time limit has been increased. 5 minutes (300 seconds) is the new limit. Previously the limit was 1 minute (60 seconds).
  • TechFlow – Real-time. Previously, the auto-refresh timer on Techflow has been several minutes. We’ve enhanced TechFlow to be real-time, in much the same manner as the Active Customer Page.
  • MotoVisuals – Instead of linking out to MotoVisuals, the educational videos now load in a modal. This should enhance the experience for recipients of these videos.
  • Protractor – We now permit dashes in the RVH notes transfer. Previously dashes were underappreciated, ignored, or neglected.
  • Email – We have added a user setting for notifications. If you would like an email when a DVI, WO, or QC is completed, go for it! Maybe filter it too!

iDVI Enhancements:

  • Email Notifications – This very useful feature enables claims adjustors who may not have Autoflow’s iDVI Dashboard open in plain view to receive real time notifications of a completed inspection via email.
  • UI/UX Enhancements – We have been busy improving the user experience by changing some of the most common screens in iDVI to be more aligned with iDVI users.

Bug Fixes:

  • WO/QC – Tagged RVH items in the DVI were not appearing in the QC and WO. This was not intentional. This should now be uniform across all worksheets.
  • QC Report – The in-depth report was missing after the recent rewrite! This is now restored in the QC Report.
  • Tire Inspection – Moving images to tire inspections should again behave uniformly, regardless of which tire inspection version you are using on a given sheet.
  • Work Orders – “Parts ordered” status will again appear in all circumstances as accurately as “Parts Arrived.”
  • Work Order CSV – Times from the work-order report will be exported appropriately with the CSV for all job items.
  • Appointments – Appointment time confirmations for groups will occur for all group members.
  • Tireshop Integration – Work Order History accordion will properly appear again for all users.
  • Work Order – An issue requiring work orders to be refreshed if the tab was left open overnight has been addressed.
  • Reporting – Multiple minor bugs related to reporting rewrites have been addressed.
  • Benchmark Score Modal – DVI completion time was occasionally appearing inaccurate inside the modal of the DVI (but not in the DVI report). This is now corrected.
  • Spelling – We found a typo in a report screen. It was corrected. OK, we didn’t see it, someone else did. We fixed it. Embarrassing!
  • Misc – Several smaller bugs related to technical components have been addressed in this release.

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