December 2022 Release Notes

12/20/2022 – System Improvements


  • DVI/WO/QC – Videos can now be downloaded from any worksheet. This is done by opening the video and clicking the new download button on the upper right of the video preview window.
  • DVI – Sub-status pre-defined notes are no longer clipped with a “…” in mobile view. Beware, VERY long notes might get ugly, but users will no longer have to guess!
  • iDVI – Remove Category level video for warranty company usage.
  • MSO Master Shop – New ability to manage users for all locations from one location. This is another key ability for streamlining multi-shop operation manageability in the tool.
  • Slack – We’ve added a webhook for slack to include parameters in the body that slack can use. In this release, we can post status updates to slack.
  • Calendar v2 – List view phase 1 is out! This is an updated view that spotlights new pieces of data all consolidated on a single view. Check out the new List Day tab in the list view, or view it with the whole week or month. The format should help manage daytime activity a little more clearly.
  • Calendar v2 Pt.2 – We’ve added more color tags to the Calendar so you more clearly label certain tickets or priorities.
  • DVI PDF – We cleaned up the PDF view and move images from vertical to horizontal.

Bug Fixes:

  • WO – Prevent shop close time from being set at 12:00 am, which causes issues with WO clocks.
  • Protractor – The mileage entry on the dashboard needs to push to Protractor. It wasn’t, now it is!
  • Protractor – History search will now include package descriptions properly.
  • TechFlow – The Text Manager alert isn’t appearing on the Text manager button on Techflow the way it does on the ACP. Now it will turn orange when texts come in.
  • DVI Duplication – The button for DVI duplication was not working, forcing several users to export and import instead. Now the duplicate button works for everyone once again!
  • AI Text Response – Improved some of the parameters for specific triggers.

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