AutoNet TV

Add AutoNet TV videos to your DVI

Add AutoNet TV videos to your DVI
  • Advisors or Techs – Open any DVI.
  • Scroll to any line item that would benefit from an educational video.
  • Click the AutoNetTV button within the line item desired.

Select a Video

Select a video
  • Use the dropdown at the top of the AutonetTV modal.
  • Select the category and from the list.
  • Previewed video(s) before adding them to the DVI.
  • Click Attach!

Tip: Explore the full library and find your favorites!

Send the DVI

Send the DVI
  • Advisors – Send the DVI as you normally would via text and email.
  • Your client opens the DVI they will now be able to click and watch the AutoNetTV video you added to their report.

Tip: Be sure to encourage your clients to view these videos. This saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of the conversation during the approval process.

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