EasyPay Finance

Shops offering financing through EasyPay can now send a secure link for their clients to begin the application process.

EasyPay Finance

Increase Revenue by Helping Your Customers Say YES to Their Auto Needs

If you are an active Autoflow client and want to know more about EasyPay Finance schedule a consultation with them directly.

Adding EasyPay Finance to your Autoflow system is simple.

Autoflow EasyPay - Integration Setup

1.) Integration Setup

Once we toggle EasyPay on, add your location ID to your integration setup page.
Autoflow EasyPay - Predefined Outbound Text

2.) Predefined Outbound Text

Once integrated with EasyPay, we’ll add a predefined outbound text with the code: {easypay_link}.

You can word your message however you’d like, or have multiple options.

Autoflow EasyPay - Send the Predefined Text

3.) Send the Predefined Text!

Simply type part of a key phrase.

Your predefined message will appear.

Click the message, hit send.

The code is replaced with a link upon sending.

Autoflow EasyPay - Client Opens Form

4.) Client Opens Form

The link is unique to the client you are texting and will pre-fill their name, mobile number and email address (masked)

The applicant must confirm all information.

No information provided to EasyPay is shared with Autoflow. All we do is send the link.

Do you want this integration turned on?

Contact us at support and we’ll handle the rest.

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