Hunter Engineering

Instantly deliver alignment or quick check results to your Autoflow DVI.

Autoflow and Hunter Engineering have created an integration that allows you to share results paper-free and with no extra steps! It’s automatic. It’s instant.

Autoflow and Hunter Integration - It all begins on the rack
Autoflow and Hunter Integration - Begin Quick Check or Begin Alignment

It all begins on the rack

  • Perform your Hunter the same as you have been!
  • Begin Quick Check or Begin Alignment
Autoflow and Hunter Integration - Results auto-transfer to the Autoflow DVI

Results auto-transfer to the DVI

  • On initial roll-back, results will automatically transfer to your Autoflow DVI
  • On final roll-back / alignment completion, before & current results automatically transfer to
    Autoflow DVI
  • Note: Matching VIN required input
Digital alignment results for your client shared vie Autoflow DVI

Digital alignment results for your client

  • Share your DVI via text/email
  • No more printer paper
  • No more ink running dry
  • No more running back and forth

Setup / How it works

Ensure you are using WinAlign 14.4.1 or newer

Verify your version and make the request

  • Ensure you are using:

    WinAlign version 16+

     and connected to the internet

  • Contact your Hunter Rep or Autoflow
  • You may be asked to connect a support rep remotely
1 VIN Match / Result Import Details

VIN Match / Result Import Details

  • Matching VIN in Autoflow and WinAlign will result in automatic import of alignment results
  • Stored results gathered by Hunter will continue to auto-seek a matching VIN
    • Alignments performed prior to an active ticket in Autoflow will find their way to the DVI record
      after a VIN is entered for that vehicle in Autoflow.
  • Manual import is possible with the “globe” button.
    • This will not be required to click in normal circumstances.

Best Practices

There is a series of buttons (K Buttons) on the Hunter machine itself that the Technician should use to complete the alignment. This process should be followed for each alignment or the result data will not automatically come into Autoflow. Hunter likes to call this process “K4 and out the door.” K4 being the last button to be pressed in the process to initiate the data push into Autoflow.

Do you want this integration turned on?

Contact us at support and we’ll handle the rest.

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