Groove Glove

Groove Glove

Groove Glove, What is it?

Groove Glove is a WiFi connected handheld laser-based tire and alignment diagnostic scanner.

Groove Glove collects tire tread status and alignment. The tool can be linked to Autoflow DVI’s through license plate scanning. No additional steps for techs to have tire details in the DVI report.

Groove Glove How It Works

How it works:

  1. Capture license plate information.
  2. Scan all 4 tires.
  3. Send scan data to Autoflow integration.
  4. Scan data compiles into History report within Autoflow DVI page.
How it looks - For the Shop

How it looks – For the Shop

Visible from DVI Sheet, Advisors will see a link for full report included.
How it looks - For the Client

How it looks – For the Client

Viewable either as a full report, or limited report under Tire Inspection from DVI link sent to customer.

Need Groove Glove setup in your Autoflow system?

Send a request to to integrate with Groove Glove,
and we’ll handle the rest!

Need additional Help or have questions?

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