Gravity Payments

Text to Pay with Gravity Payments means you never have to take a credit card number over the phone, verbally, again.

With Gravity Payments integration Autoflow users can enjoy greater PCI compliance and unrivaled convenience around securing payments.

If you are an active Autoflow client and want to know more about Gravity Payments and Text-to-Pay schedule a consultation with them directly.

Adding Gravity Payments to your Autoflow system is simple.


  • Contact Gravity Payments to subscribe.
  • Once you are subscribed and signed up, you’re gravity payments rep will remote access your Autoflow integration setup page to plug in your unique API key
Text To Pay - Gravity Integration Setup

Using Text to Pay – A completely natural evolution of your texting ability

Text To Pay - Gravity Integration Sending Request Payment Link

Step One – Send the payment link

  • Click the payment button on the text modal
  • Enter the invoice number
  • Enter the dollar amount (dollars and cents)
  • Click Send Payment Text
Text To Pay - Gravity Integration payment page

Step Two – Client Receives Text payment link

  • Consistent format with Autoflow DVI results in uniformed experience
  • Client has option to call, email, or text the shop from this page
  • Includes partial name and partial phone number for ID confirmation, plus the YMM vehicle
  • Mileage is included if entered
  • Shop logo will appear at the top of page if entered on company setup page
  • Client clicks Pay Invoice
Text To Pay - Gravity payment page

Step Three – Client enters CC information

  • The interface will feel familiar to anyone that has used online payment pages.
Text To Pay - Sent and received Text

Step Four – Shop receives confirmation

  • The shop is notified the moment text confirmation is received
  • The customer is texted confirmation
  • Email confirmation is also sent to the shop
  • Make arrangements for how to secure the vehicle, post your invoice and you’re done!

Do you want this integration turned on?

Contact us at support and we’ll handle the rest.

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