How do I open the DVI? Work Orders? QC sheets?

How do I open the Digital Vehicle Inspection?

The Quality Control Sheet, or the Work Order?

  • To open the various worksheets, you can click on them in the workflow .
    • The dark blue buttons are NOT workflow steps.  Click on the work-sheets and you will open the corresponding sheet without causing a status update.

My Screen looks different, I don’t see the work flow, how do I open the worksheets?

  • If you are using the Portrait mode on a tablet, or a small window on a PC you are in “Text” View
    • The title “Text” view is meant to convey that this is for a smaller screen, on a mobile device
    • To open the worksheets, you simply click on the buttons clearly labeled under each vehicle
      • Like other worksheets, when completed and signed off by the tech, they will show  a color change.

To return to the default view of your workflow,

select the graphic display option from your user menu.

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