How do I send the DVI to the client?

Sending the DVI to the Client

  • The DVI can be sent only after the technician has signed-off on the inspection.
    • This is indicated with a notification to the SA, and the DVI button on the dash turns orange.
      • To send, first you will open the DVI by clicking one of the two DVI buttons highlighted below.
  • Once you have opened the signed-off DVI, you can send it from the blue buttons on the upper right.
  • If the sheet is completed satisfactorily, click the buttons to send it to the customer via Text, Email or both.
    • Note:  These buttons are disabled until a staff member signs off on the DVI.  If you cannot click these buttons, the DVI has not been marked completed.
    • Upon clicking the Text or Email button a second window will pop up.
      • Here you can change the phone number(s) selected or send it to an alternate number
      • You can also edit the message.  Please do NOT edit the link, or else the client will not be able to open their inspection from you message.
  • Once sent, the buttons will turn green, so you will not have to question if you have already sent them.
  • Mouse over, and it will tell you when the inspection was sent as well.
Pro Tip:
Inspections sent via text are often viewed within a minute of sending. Inspections sent via email are less effective in most situations, but still valuable for record keeping. Send by both whenever possible.