How do I use the workflow?

Use Workflow Steps to Update the Customer

How does the view look for a service advisor and technician?

Technician View
Service Advisor View
  • The technician login displays a unique view of the workflow (Shown Above – Top).  This will appear different than the Service Advisor view (Shown Above – Bottom).
  • Functionally there are differences as well. Technicians will not be able to click on all workflow steps or see text notifications.
  • The “text” button will not appear for technicians.  If there is communication required with the customer, there are internal chat options to notify the SA.  (See chat image below).
Steps disabled for the technician will be indicated with a lighter shading and are unable to be clicked.  Steps enabled for the tech will be darker, and allow the tech to update the status.

When I update a status, will it send a message?

  • The workflow steps that are enabled for the technician to click are capable of sending a text or email status update directly to the client.
  • If the step is shown in parenthesis, for example, (Diagnosing) the parenthesis indicate no status message will be texted or emailed to the client.
In this example: The Service Advisor is clicked on the Waiting for Approval step.
  • This will send out a text to the customer once clicked.
  • If the Service Advisor were to click on the workflow step titled (Waiting on Tech) no text would be sent.
    • The parenthesis indicate status updates are disabled for that step.

If I click on the DVI button, will that change the status?

  • No.  The DVI button will open the checklist, not change the status.  To change status, you must click on the actual status.
  • In this example, a technician has previously clicked on an enabled and loud workflow step that indicates he is assessing the vehicle.
    • Now that we have notified the customer, we should get right down to work and and click into the DVI.
      • The technician could choose to open the DVI without updating the customer.
        • This is useful if you are requested to revisit a sheet, or you are performing another kind of inspection later on.

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