How do I use the Digital Vehicle Inspection?

Performing a Digital Vehicle Inspection:

Step 1:  Review the vehicle profile

  • If this is the first time the vehicle has been in your shop, you will want to fill out the vehicle profile.
  • Profile pictures are highly encouraged, and you can take multiple photos of the vehicle
  • The admin can require that certain vehicle profile fields are filled out before the DVI can be submitted.
  • When completing a DVI, any required fields missing information will be highlighted and must be addressed.

Pro Tip:

Photograph all four corners of the vehicle, the VIN sticker, and the tire placard.
This record will populate with each visit.

Step Two: Addressing the reason vehicle is here

  • Review notes from the service
    • Concern: Any issues the client had with the car they would like investigated.
    • Service: A specifc task requested, i.e. 10,000 mile maintenance package
    • Info: Any facts about the car
  • Acknowledge the reasons by checking the item off
  • Add notes that address the initial concerns.


  • Images can also be attached to each concern line by clicking the camera icon

How do I use the Tire Inspection?

  • Add the OE and Actual Size
    • This info will repopulate on this vehicles next visit
      • It is helpful to have this data from the Tire Placard photo in the profile.
  • Enter Tread Depth
    • This also repopulates in subsequent visits.  Ensuring you know what the measurements were like last time this car was in the shop.
  • Set a Status
    • Click on the check mark to select the condition
      • Check Mark = Good
      • Exclamation Mark = Needs Future Attention
      • “X’ Mark = Requires Urgent Attention
  • Add any notes of interest pertaining to the corresponding tire
  • Add Pictures
    • Click the camera and take a picture

How do I select a status?

  • Simply tap a status, Green, Yellow, or Red.
    • These status can be re-named by your administrator
    • Default Settings
      • Green = Good Items
      • Yellow = Requires Future Attention
      • Red = Requires Urgent Attention

This is how you report the health status of the component you are inspection, if you have not inspected this item, or it is N/A to the vehicle, leave it blank. The line item will not appear in the client report.

How do I add notes?

  • Click on  Add notes
  • Adding Notes:  Predictive text will generate the top five items matching the what you type.  If setup, your notes can be filtered by category.
    • Predefined notes are setup from DVI Notes Setup, accessible only by your administrator.
  • Adding Recommendations:  If setup, you can add recommendations by clicking the “add a recommendation” note field.
    • You can type any custom recommendations if you do not see a predefined note that matches your situation.
    • Predefined Recommendations are setup from DVI Sheet Setup, accessible only by your administrator.

What are Previous Notes?

  • Previous notes (If toggled) will appear if items requiring future or urgent attention were not marked as “Authorized” by the SA last time the vehicle was inspected.
  • These notes are meant to alert you toward items from previous visits that may still require attention.
    • If the item received a note from a previous inspection and that item was not authorized for repair, that note will repopulate so you know the original context.

How do I add photos to the Digital Vehicle Inspection?

  • Add Photos by clicking the Camera button (if device is equipped) even if you are adding from a File
    • Clicking the Camera icon engage your camera on your tablet / smart phone
      • The picture will not be stored on your device, but will upload directly to the DVI sheet in the cloud.
        • Connection to internet required.  (Phones with cell signal also work well)
    • Alternatively, you can pre-photograph items for your inspection and upload them from file.
      • This method works well if you are out of range for your WIFI coverage. (ie Parking Lot)
      • Multiple images can be uploaded when stored in the gallery of your device.  See animation below

How do I save my progress in the Digital Vehicle Inspection?

  • All actions on the DVI are saved instantly, just like other cloud based documents.
    • If your picture uploads, it is saved that same instant and will be accessible from other logins right away.
    • If you added a note, it will be saved if you are connected to the internet.
    • Your Service Advisor can see the updates to the DVI as you perform the inspection.

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