User Settings

User Settings Page Overview

Getting Started with User Settings

Getting Started with User Settings
  • Select the User drop-down in the top right.
  • Select User Settings
  • User settings only affect your user login, not others.

    Please note. These toggles will affect your login on all devices you use.

  • Upload a professional profile photo to your account.
  • You can edit your name, email address, and cell number.
  • You can not edit your username and job role. (those are able to be changed in “Add/Manage Users”)

Dashboard Preferences

Dashboard Preferences

Dashboard Preferences – add or remove information viewed on the dashboard.

  • Add a displayed completion time estimate to the active customer page.
  • Display the names and service write assigned to the ticket on the active customer page
  • Whenever returning to the active customer page it will load all customers instead of just the customers you are assigned to.
  • Say YES to this feature to show Repair Order numbers to the active customer dashboard.


1.3.1 Notifications

Notification Preferences – This area is used to select what actions you would like to receive an audio queue for such as new text messages from customers and new messages from team members.

  • The Blue box labeled “Subscribed Device(s)” Must be Selected on any devices you want to receive notifications on.
  • If you see this message then the device you are currently using is not subscribed.
  • Use this section to control the reasons you want to receive notifications.

DVI and WO Preferences

DVI and WO Preferences

DVI Preferences – These are used to make specific changes to the way you personally complete a DVI.

  • Collapse DVI Sections
  • Say yes to collapse the DVI section on page load. – this ensures you have less to scroll through when the DVI is opened, particularly useful for shops with long inspection forms.

  • Default to Camera
  • Say yes to open your camera in one click from the upload button on a DVI line item.
    Toggling Yes removes the ability to upload images from a file or use multi-image upload.

  • Change Default Image Markup Color
  • Always marking up red items? Make this red!

WO Preferences – Make select changes to what information you want your Work Order to show.

  • Expand WO Items
  • Say yes for parts and labor to be automatically expanded when opening a WO.

  • Hide Vehicle Details
  • Say Yes to this if you want the vehicle details to be hidden when opening your WO.

Working Hours

Working Hours

Add your personal work hours in this section for each day of your weekly schedule.

This is primarily used for Technicians to calculate productivity.

TechFlow users can track productivity when the working time is entered here.

  • Output/Input = Productivity
  • The Output (Billed Labor Hours)
  • The Input is (Working Hours)

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