How do I receive texts from new clients that are not in the shop?

You can communicate by text with new contacts that reach out via text

Here is how you can text with potential clients not yet in your shop

  • You will be alerted to inbound texts from unknown customers in two ways.
    • A notification on the upper right (the bell icon)
    • A windows notification on the lower right of your screen (a good reason to allow windows notifications)
      • Autoflow will create a new customer profile with last name as Unknown Customer, and first name as the phone number.
        • The phone number will also be properly recorded in a phone field.

  • By clicking the notification, you will be immediately pulled to the customer profile page, and the text dialogue box will open.

  • When you have all the client information, you can click on the place holder for the client name, and begin updating the data.

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