How do I view history?

You can view text, and vehicle history for clients by clicking on the “search” button on top of your screen.

The Search button is between “Add Customer” and “Reports.

1.) Click the search button at the top of the page

  • This search will provide details and history for all current and prior visits.

2.) Narrow your search

  • Search names, or parts of names
  • Search phone numbers, or parts of phone numbers
  • When you have located the client in your query, click “view profile”
    • Another option is to add this client to the active customer page.

3.) Client Profile – Details

  • Client name and email
  • Communication preferences / Notes
  • Referral Information (who referred this client)
  • Multiple Phone numbers
  • Multiple Group users (See Groups / Multiple Numbers)

4.) Vehicles and History – Resending Inspections

  1. Vehicle’s managed by the shop for this client appear here.
  2. Search specific vehicles by YMM, VIN, or license
  3. History is cataloged by date of visit.
    • All inspections, work orders, and QC sheets are recorded here, if performed
    • Entire text conversation for visits are also stored.
      • Click any of the green or blue buttons to open various forms.
      • Resend inspections by clicking “Resend DVI to Customer”

5.) Text History

  • History will show complete date and time stamps for each participant in every conversation
  • Color coding helps differentiate multiple participants
  • Click to open a print friendly PDF of the entire conversation.
  • These records are stored 100% in the cloud and are backed up regularly.

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