December 2023 Release Notes

December 7, 2023


Texting – New blacklist ability and new mobile friendly Text Manager

  • New blacklist ability:  Autoflow now allows shops to block numbers that are sending spam or harassment from personal numbers to your shop.  Use the new option from the customer profile screen – go to the phone number section – click the red “block” button to cut off inbounds from that number.
  • Text Manager is now mobile device friendly.  Note you will be prompted to rotate your device to landscape mode to use the Text Manager on small screens.  This enhancement allows much simpler texting for advisors that are working remote.  Please remember… don’t use the text manager while driving!

Online Scheduler – New UI and UX improvements to the online scheduler

  • The online scheduler received a great face-lift and redefined user experience.  Now clients will begin their scheduling experience by selecting services/jobs offered by the shop.  Next – the client will select a date/time for the appointments.  After a date and time is selected – the client can then enter their contact information and finish their appointment.
  • New settings including adding bays for scheduling and allowing specific jobs to be attributed to specific bays are also being introduced in this release.  – Further enhancements to these abilities will follow in subsequent updates!

WO Parts List – New ability to make the WO parts list available on mobile devices

Reporting –  New Reporting enhancements!

  • Quarterly Sales Report is now introduced.  For those who have consulted with our training team, you know the value of viewed DVI’s vs tickets that do NOT get viewed DVIs.  We now build this snapshot for you in the Quarterly Report if you have a L5 integration.  60% ARO difference between viewed and not viewed tickets is common.  Not seeing that?  We can help! Connect with our trainers today!
  • Calculators have returned to the Engaged Report, the QC Report, and the Work Order Report.  We like you to see the value that GOOD USAGE of the tool can bring!  Look for the calculator buttons in those key reports.
  • Review Report (Google/Yelp) now sorts your customer reviews by date.  The Review report is great for seeing and replying to the 5 star responses Autoflow shops deserve!

DVI –  Change Log improvements!

  • Now DVI Thumbnail images are easier to download.  This is particularly valuable for viewing and saving images that were deleted from an inspection.  Previously, these images were only visible in thumbnail size.  No more DV-eye strain!

Bug Fixes:

Text Manager – 

  • Corrected an issue that was causing the current date/time to be shown for future scheduled texts, instead of the date those scheduled messages are going to be sent.

Service Reminders

  • The ability to export Service Reminder settings to other locations for a multi-shop group has been restored.
  • Saving changes now displayed those changes accurately across tabs instantly.


  • Sales report calculation corrections were made to ensure greater accuracy.
  • The DVI Report received a fix for an issue causing the DVI Text Sent pill to show every DVI text ever sent for the shop in cases where a date range was selected where no DVI’s were signed off.
  • MotoVisuals Videos will no longer be erroneously counted as images.

Apostrophe Encoding

  • Fixed in fields for event creation in calendar.
  • Fixed in appointment transfers to Protractor.
  • Fixed in subject headers for WO and QC report emails to customers (and in shop name).
  • Fixed apostrophes benign removed completely in shop signature email.


  • Auto update will no longer be triggered by selecting a DVI from the DVI dropdown.
  • Corrected an issue with MSO Sheet canned job mapping overriding shop level mapping.
  • Corrected graphical overlap issues with Multi-Axle Tire Inspection


  • Green items will now display correctly on the PDF for shops using default green items.


  • Override times are now behaving correctly
  • Add $ amount to columns in Bayflow report and RO#s
  • Images now open in browser, and will not immediately download
  • Added ability to remove an association with a vehicle

Other – Multiple minor items affecting user experience, performance, and technical changes for client specific APIs.

December 2023 Release Notes Image 1

December 19, 2023


  • DVI Preference (User Setting)
    • We’ve added a new user setting for the DVI.  This new option opens DVI’s with the vehicle details section collapsed.  Users can click to expand the details, or scroll on by.
  • DVI Setup – New Shop Toggle
    • A new shop toggle to hide/show the Yes/No Approval buttons on the DVI has been added.  If you are not using the Yes/No toggles to track approvals… you should be. If you are NOT using the Yes/No toggles are clinically uninterested in accurate management of identified opportunities found in your DVI, you may want to flip this toggle on to reduce your fear of missing out.
December 2023 Release Notes Image 2
  • DVI Notes – New button to export file
    • You can now export a .txt file for any findings you have documented for a sheet in the DVI Notes screen.  This will make it easier to build robust note libraries for your organization across multiple sheets.  (Remember though – duplicating a DVI carries the DVI Notes into the new copy of a sheet as well!)


  • Improvements to Integrations
    • Tekmetric – Jobs mapped to DVI’s now properly link that job to the WO.  This makes it simple for techs working in Autoflow to click on the inspection job and be taken to the proper inspection sheet.  Also when the inspection is completed, the job auto completes the mapped job in both Tekmetric and Autoflow – seamlessly.
    • Tekmetric – The estimate link that is shared through Autoflow was not working if the link placeholder created in Predefined Note Setup included a period immediately after the brackets.  This has been corrected.
    • Protractor – If a WO is accidentally regenerated and images are lost, the change log now permits the images to be downloaded and reattached, making images easier to reattach for sharing purposes.
  • QC Sheets – Improved Item Yes/No review
    • The Yes/No audit for DVI items that is triggered by submitting the QC sheet should more accurately reflect the actually Yes/No Approvals on the DVI.  We corrected a bug that wasn’t updating the modal when this Yes/No was changed after initial completion.
  • Texting –
    • Text manager full screen display issues with the time and date fields overlapping on the send email button have been resolved.
  • Motorcycle Inspections
    • Issues affecting the camera modal on the motorcycle inspection have been addressed.

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