October 2023 Release Notes


  • New Client Microsite released!

    The client view of the DVI has a new look and has been updated and now includes new features and customization.  

Included are:

  • New ability to customize the colors of the microsite to match your branding
  • New options to default the client view to a specific section of the DVI, including the tire inspection or the Reason Vehicle is Here (RVH)
  • New Client Guide – you can now spell out for clients in greater detail what it means for items to be marked green/yellow/red.
  • New Header customization – make it clear for clients what they are looking at.
  • New MSO management for all new microsite modifications.  Once clicked – all stores in your corporation/group/network will receive the master format.

  • New Advisor Preview of Client DVI

A new button has been added to the text/email modal for sending clients their inspection results.  In the send modal, look for the new button labeled “click here to preview Customer DVI”. 

This feature allows advisors to:

  • See DVI’s as the client will see them before sending.
  • View sent DVI’s without triggering a view in DVI reporting
  • Assist clients in navigating to key findings while on the phone by seeing exactly what clients see.

  • Image/Video Uploads   

We’ve updated Apple Device compatibility by accepting DVI image/video uploads in HEIF/HEVC formats.

Additionally, we’ve introduced an option in DVI Setup to compress images client side

before uploading.  Please note – compression will drastically reduce image quality but improve performance on low-bandwidth connections.

  • Bayflow:  Avg. Bay Occupancy and Body Time are now included in the Bayflow report.

  • Provided the option to toggle the display of stock numbers on the ACP under the customer name, similar to the existing functionality with RO numbers and Keytags.
  • Added the invoices / ROs in the ACP search description
  • Adjusted the image zoom buttons’ placement below the image in the main DVI image modal.
  • Allowed for multiple cars on the Tekmetric dashboard while restricting multiple appointments.



  • Fixed misspelled words in the Company Setup page’s “Pagination” in Dashboard preferences.
  • Corrected a misspelling in “Sentiment Analysis – Outbound.”
  • Resolved issues with file names in the QC report download PDF and CSV files.
  • Corrected issues with item count and average in sales reports.
  • Addressed bugs related to old and new multi-axle tire data in DVI and customer DVI.
  • Fixed bugs in the WO Slim view, DVI sheet change, and the active customers page.
  • Corrected issue with button clicks not registering on DVI quick link under clients name on the ACP.
  • Fixed display issues related to the Set Priority screen.
  • Corrected duplicate job submission issues in Protractor.
  • Fixed RVH display in DVI PDF.
  • Resolved image markup and time stamp display issues in QC Sheet Images.
  • Sales report billed hours now round to only 2 decimal places.
  • Implemented padding between RVH items and image or video lines in DVI PDF.
  • Addressed apostrophe encoding issues in NPS followup setup.
  • Fixed issues with uploaded videos in QC-Warranty
  • Resolved issues with PDF uploads on work orders and QC.
  • Fixed hyphen issues in RVH from Tekmetric concerns.
  • Corrected the display of MSO accounts in the SW filter on ACP.
  • Addressed workflow status display issues and calendar header.
  • Implemented automatic DVI page locking when closing a visit from the DVI page.
  • Corrected video count display in email reports.
  • Fixed PDF upload issues on work orders and QC.
  • Addressed problems with scheduled message dates in Text Manager.  Dates now appear correctly for when messages are scheduled to be sent.
  • Fixed image counter tracking in DVI reports related to tire images.
  • Corrected rounding issues with efficiency estimation and actual hours in work order reports.
  • Fixed timestamp display in marketing campaigns.
  • Addressed issues with AI Auto Responder


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