January 2023 Release Notes

1/6/2023 – System Improvements


  • Text Manager – New option to click an inbound text message in the thread and mark it as unread. This will restore the indication that the text is received, prompting users to engage it.
  • DVI – VIN barcode reader has been updated to version 2. Behaviriorlly identical for the user, more well behaved by the software. Increased reliability should be apparent to technicians using the barcode button in the VIN field on the DVI.
  • DVI/WO/QC – Image zoom is now possible, for shop view only, to get a better view of images. Note – image markups do not work when zoomed in.
  • Customer Score – New lock ability on customer score to allow only admins to be able to modify client scores. In other words, you can now prevent advisors from modifying scores or changing unhappy clients.
  • Tire Inspection – Sub statuses can now be used in the Multi-Axle Tire inspection. Users can set measurements for tread depth so techs can click on a depth, which corresponds to a customizable status condition. A one-time setup in DVI Sheet Setup and all your inspection sheets will see the benefits.
  • Tire Inspection – Related to the Multi Axle tire inspection, admins can now choose which fields appear for techs to fill out. This prevents the Tire Inspection from feeling cluttered.


Bug Fixes:

  • Text Manager – Text-to-pay messages were not appearing properly in the conversation log, now they are!
  • Apostrophe – The apostrophes have their rightful display characteristics restored to power in the follow-up schedule. You’re welcome.
  • Sub Statuses – In the DVI, sub-statuses were not being reflected in the RVH Tagging. Now they are.
  • Auto Update – Workflow statuses with custom timers were not seeing the custom timer triggered when the status change occurred through automation. Now the proper countdown timer will display for the automated updates.


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