March 2023 Release Notes

3/30/2023 – System Improvements


  • Sales Report 2.0 – The new sales report now tallies up the shop totals and allows you to select tech/SW performance comparisons. (All level 5 integrations.)
  • Admin Menu Update – Follow up setup is now more prominently displayed in the admin menu. Previously, it was tucked away in the workflow setup and company setup pages. It remains in those places too… but now you can get there quicker!
  • Fleets – To make it easier to select the proper vehicle, we now display the fleet number on the vehicle for a returning client when it is added through quick-add
  • Calendar – Several enhancements to the calendar have been added, including a user preference to allow list view to autoscroll.
  • Apostrophes – Apostrophes in customer feedback to the shop via Customer Score are now properly encoded.
  • Apostrophes – Apostrophes in push notifications are now properly encoded.

Bug Fixes:

  • WO – Technician mobile views of the WO now properly allow mapped inspection jobs to be clickable directly to the DVI. This behavior was working as intended for advisors, but was inoperable for techs.
  • DVI Categorized notes – Pre-existing DVI Categorized notes were not editable. Now they are.
  • DVI Sheet Mapping – When archived, inspections with mapping will now have the mapping removed to avoid having those sheets be reassigned unintentionally.
  • Tooltips – The tooltips that appear but then hang out past their welcome will now disappear when appropriate.
  • DVI Itemized Notes – Shared sheets were only showing the first category of itemized notes for an inspection. Now you get the whole sheet.
  • Weekly Reports Emails – Multiple issues with the email reports have been addressed.
  • Customer Score – Opt outs from this text will no longer count as a Zero score.
  • Tekmetric – WO clock time discrepancies have been ironed out.
  • Appointments – Differences pertaining to appointment times when set from particular locations in the tool have been made consistent.
  • Miscellaneous technical and administrative fixes.
  • Marketing Module – Audiences populated from Tekmetric have received improvements to accuracy.
  • Marketing Module – Checkboxes for avoiding sending on Saturday or Sunday are now more user friendly to click.
  • Marketing Module – No error was showing and no emails were sent if an email campaign was scheduled without a reply-to address. We now default to the shop’s email address in company setup if this is not administered in the marketing module.
  • Marketing Module – Marketing Module CSV exports have been corrected to clearly show the customer name.
  • Marketing Module – We no longer allow campaigns to be scheduled on the upper limit of the hours a shop allows. I.e. if 4pm is the latest you allow sending campaigns, you cannot schedule a campaign at 4pm. This is because most campaigns take several minutes or more for larger audiences, and it may be postponed till the following day, which could disrupt other campaigns.
  • Marketing Module – Some issues preventing daily campaigns from sending consistently have been addressed.
  • Marketing Module – Small miscellaneous technical items have been addressed.

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