August 2023 Release Notes

8/16/2023 – System Improvements


DVI – Multiple enhancements to DVI’s and DVI reporting.

  • Added a new column in the DVI Report for vehicle mileage.
  • Text modal when sending the DVI now notes if client has opted out of texting.

Customer History – Level 5 integrations have received an update to improve repair history.

  • Hours have been removed from the client view of Repair Order History.  (For clients to see history from the DVI microsite, admins must enable this feature from DVI Setup)
  • The most recent visit is now being shown at the top of the list in customer profiles.

License Decoder – The license decoder, which takes a license plate and produces a VIN and vehicle details, is now available in Canada!

Online Scheduler – Phase 2 Improvements to the integration with Tekmetric

  • Autoflow’s Scheduler now blocks appointments that are already scheduled in Tekmetric. 
    This ability is important for shops that schedule appointments with incomplete vehicle or customer info.

1st Mile Text to Pay – New text-to-pay partner!

  • Clients of 1st Mile can now contact to request integration with 1st Mile.  Payment links can now be conveniently sent and payment data will be reported directly in Autoflow. 

Rainy Folder – The inspection based deferred work has been updated to send as marketing texts.

  • Texts sent from the Rainy Folder will now send through the marketing module text number if the shop is subscribed to the Marketing Module.  The Rainy Folder will continue to send through the regular shop number for those that are not using the Marketing Module.

Bug Fixes:

DVI – Multiple bug fixes affecting Digital Inspections are included in this update

  • DVI Grouped Items were not sharing history for sheets that were not signed off, even though the item notes on grouped items spread properly to other sheets in a current visit.  Now history is shared universally.
  • DVI Grouped items were appearing more than once on a customer DVI when both sheets are signed off.  Now, if viewing all sheets, only the item on the first sheet to be signed off will show up.
  • An issue with tagged profile images breaking in the customer view has been corrected.  Now clients can see what their car looks like!
  • Warnings for vehicle using Hours instead of Mileage now works properly if blank in the DVI
  • Line items named identical to a Tekmetric Canned Job were causing the incorrect canned job to be mapped.  Now the mapped job, never the line item name, will be used properly.
  • MotoVisuals videos were satisfying image requirements.  Images will not properly remain required even when an MV video is linked.

Marketing Module – Multiple issues affecting ease of use and accuracy of campaigns have been included in this update.

  • Audiences now only include visits that have been completed in the counts.  Previously, appointments were being counted in the audience, and this could cause confusion as to the actual most recent visit.  The logic now behaves more inline with the expectation that a visit is counted only after a vehicle enters the workflow.  Be aware – this also means that appointments that go directly to a closed status no longer get counted.
  • After Hours response has been sent from the shop’s main number, but is now set to send from the marketing number when replying to clients engaging marketing texts.
  • Opt out language that is now properly displayed in the text manager.
  • Deferred Service pages viewed by clients poll the latest ticket, regardless of 
  • Apostrophes are usable now in campaign names and descriptions.

Text to Pay – 

  • Attached PDFs were not displaying properly for clients when a PDF is attached. This has been corrected.

General Bugs:  A slew of minor bugs were stomped out in this release.

  • Ellipsis issues in the WO prevented customers from viewing the WO on the microsite.
  • Failed texts to landlines were not showing in the user profile log.  Now they show the proper error.
  • Minor UI issues in calendar list view are corrected.
  • User assignments in Omnique have been corrected to push properly when an item is clocked in.
  • Email rendering in Apple Mail is improved.
  • User role changes (Tech to SA / SA to Tech) are now properly reflected in TechFlow.

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