September 2023 Release Notes

9/19/2023 – System Improvements


  • CRM Marketing Module (Learn more here) – New Email Builder: Fully redesigned email builder with wide ranges of email template functionality and robust user controls.

  • Texting – Alternate appointment message confirmations for appointments set after hours can now be crafted in the Workflow Setup page.
  • Texting – Communication Preferences for clients that have opted out have been updated to reflect this choice on the DVI microsite (client view of the DVI). Now clients cannot slide the toggle to “yes” but it will instead prompt them to text START to the shop phone number to enable text messages.
  • Active Customer Page/Dashboard – Admin users now have user tabs that show at the top of the admin/sw view of the Active Customer Page. In the past, admin logins were limited to one per shop. Now with the ability to have multiple logins serve as an admin, the necessity to add user tabs for admins became apparent.
  • DVI – Private Notes now have better representation in DVI History. This will help ensure DVI history is full and complete in all views.
  • DVI Setup – Added toggle to DVI Setup to allow a WO line completion signoff to be disabled. This option prevents confusion from what appears to be duplicate inspection jobs in some integrations. By default this toggle will remain on so existing behavior is continued without change. Admins may go to DVI setup and toggle this off.
  • Training Links – The orange “i” buttons at the top of many pages were still pointing to the domain. Now, they are properly linked to the autoflow site and will not require re-directs.
  • iDVI – Email notifications for completion of an iDVI have been added.
  • MotoVisuals – On client view of the thumbnails in the DVI the word MotoVisuals has been replaced with a ‘play’ button. This should encourage more viewers to click the videos.
  • Motovisuals – When playing videos on the shop DVI, the same URLs from the customer DVI are now used.

Bug Fixes:

  • Unread message counters on the marketing filter in the text manager have been corrected to be more user friendly. Previously, it was not clear that to view the unread messages, users needed to select the marketing filter.
  • Adding a visit from Quickadd was not reloading the dashboard after submission. The user would see “someone has updated…” alert and directed to refresh. Refresh is now automatic after adding.
  • Service Reminder changes made are now reflected in the modal properly without requiring a refresh.
  • Customer Profiles with very many vehicles (usually fleets) experienced load times and occasionally errors. To prevent this, a vehicle drop down was added to show history only for one vehicle at a time.
  • Marketing Module – Corrected visual abnormalities in the recipient list for email campaigns.
  • Marketing Module – Audience editing is corrected to preserve changes between refreshes.
  • Marketing Module – Logo width on the new email builder has been corrected. The former email builder was causing image distortion.
  • DVI – Corrected an issue preventing some line item videos from displaying correctly.
  • DVI – Corrected PDF views for attachments and grouped DVI lines.
  • DVI – Image zoom buttons for client view of the DVI have been moved beneath the image on smaller screens to avoid obstructing image clarity.
  • DVI – Corrected an issue preventing edits to DVI line item recommendations.
  • Sales Report – some averages were being tallied as percentages.
  • Master Report – Corrected issue with missing graphics in the master report.
  • Corrected an issue with status auto-updates being triggered when vehicle information is added to work orders.
  • NPS System response messages were showing an incorrect character cap. Caps now reflect texting guidelines and align with caps in other areas of the tool.
  • Quick add modal was not properly refreshing vehicle list when changing customers, now it does.
  • Apostrophe encoding errors corrected in DVI Sheet Setup and Multi-Link Follow up setup page.
  • Protractor Integration – Appointments made in protractor for the same day were not being reflected properly in Autoflow. This has been corrected.
  • Tekmetric Integration – DVI line items with multiple recommendations were pushed into Tekmetric with brackets. Now they are separated by a comma.

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