May 2023 Release Notes

5/9/2023 – System Improvements


  • DVI – A new filter was added to allow easier isolation of line items on the DVI that include data from a previous inspection.
  • TechFlow – The TechFlow dashboard is now reinforced with the same color-enhanced worksheet buttons as the main active customer page. This means you can see orange DVI buttons when the inspection is completed, Yellow DVI buttons when the inspection has been sent to the client, and of course, Green DVI buttons when the inspection is opened! WO and QC buttons are color coded too!
  • DVI Report – Filter added to ONLY report on Closed/Active/All Tickets.
  • DVI Report – Pill option added to show unsubmitted DVI’s.
  • Text Manager – The Textmanager has its own URL and can now be broken out from the modal and exist as its very own dedicated tab. Open the modal and click the button on the top left. This enabled Text Manager to operate independently from any dashboards.
  • Failed Message Alerts – Autoflow has always been good about showing when a message is delivered or not, now we indicate the client’s phone carrier in those delivery errors.
  • Sales Report – Phase 3 – Technician tabs have been buffed in the Sales Report (available to Level 5 Integrated Shops).

Bug Fixes:

  • Marketing – Average Spent indicators were not pulling information accurately from Protractor history. Now they are.
  • Marketing – The mini report was showing incorrect failed and opted out numbers.
  • Marketing – A specific sequence of dashes caused some campaigns to not save. This is resolved.
  • Text Manager – Corrected an issue showing multiple email messages to the same customer. (yeah you can email from Text Manager too)
  • DVI – Adding 10 images or videos to a line time was causing some overlapping. This should be cleared up!
  • DVI Sheet Setup – When adding a new line item, many of the buttons for additional items were not appearing until you refresh your page. That refresh should no longer be necessary.
  • Variable – Corrected the {vehicle} variable which was not replacing the value as expected when sending a DVI via Text.
  • Required Items – We corrected a bug that allowed a required DVI item to be satisfied with an image or video, rather than the Green/Yellow/Red buttons.
  • Auto Assign – The Service Writer auto assign was NOT being skipped when an SW is already on a ticket. This has been corrected to prevent reassigning writers.
  • DVI Report – The CSV link now performs properly again to export your report!
  • Tekmetric Canned Jobs – Character limits that prevented adding a full canned job title in DVI Sheet Setup have been corrected.
  • WO Report – Corrected inconsistent views between tables and modals.
  • Customer Score / NPS – Corrected an issue causing an angry face on some customers that had no score present.
  • Appointments – A bug allowing occasions for more than one appointment message to be sent was isolated and corrected.

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