July 2023 Release Notes

7/17/2023 – System Improvements


  • Global DVI Groupings – Users can set up global DVI groups. This means that when an inspection sheet is performed, items tagged as identical will carry to additional inspection sheets.
  • Work Orders – Create exclude list to prevent WO Auto-Update for certain jobs.
  • Customer Score – New toggle to allow use of customer score feature without requiring the NPS survey.
  • DVI Settings – A new toggle has been added to force who DVI Sheets to require yellow/red items to include pictures.
  • DVI PDF View – When no RVH is entered, the area for concerns on the PDF view will no longer read “None Found”. Instead, the RVH will simply not appear in the client view.
  • Tekmetric Integration – Appointments made in autoflow now push into the Tekmetric calendar.
  • Work Order Parts List – Parts managers have a new search function has been added to help find tickets quicker!
  • DVI Report – A new report pill has been added to show the “approval/no recall” count. This counts the items marked as “yes’ in the DVI.
  • Dashboard (ACP) – You can now add multiple cell phone numbers from the Edit Customer screen. Previously, this was all managed in the customer profile. This will save you several clicks.
  • QC Sheets – You can now import and export QC sheets exactly like we do with DVI sheets .JSON files. Our training team is happy to share a .JSON if you want to sample some great QC sheets!
  • Kiosk – We’ve added the ability to mark questionnaire fields in the scheduler kiosk as required. Use Case: This will prevent a customer from scheduling without adding a reason for the visit.
  • DVI Share – You can now share the customer DVI with a programmatic link from Predefined Outbound Texts! This means you no longer need to open the DVI to send completed. Note: This shares the completed DVI’s only.
  • Reporting Toggle – All reports now have a toggle that allows the reports to only run with closed tickets. This will keep reporting more in line with reporting from shop management systems and ensure less discrepancies for reports that are based on when an activity is conducted.
  • Protractor Integration – We now pull in the business name with the top priority over the first/last name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Marketing Bookings- New appointments were not showing in the booked report. Now they will!
  • Marketing Images- Images in the emails for marketing module users should now appear properly.
  • DVI Report- In MSO mode, technician data wasn’t loading properly when switching to another locations report. Now it does!
  • DVI Report – the % Viewed pill was unclear in the wording. In the DVI Report, the % Viewed is calculated from % of sent inspections that have been opened. Previously, the pill was calculating this, but mislabeled the column measured against as ‘unique DVI’s.
  • QC Report – Items marked as green were inaccurately being counted as issues. This has been corrected.
  • TechFlow – Misc. issues with filters have been addressed. Also tickets in the closed column were not staying in that section for the full business day, now they do.
  • Tire Inspection Editor – The tire inspection was difficult to edit for shops that were using shared DVI sheets. We’ve now made the editor more simple to access.
  • Motorcycle Tires – Multiple The motorcycle tire inspection was not displaying in mobile view if set to be at the bottom of the sheet rather than the top. Users can once again use either location. We also corrected the default green toggle to function correctly with this section and a few other minor bugs related to this section.
  • DVI PDF – Recommendations containing a forward slash were shown with incorrect characters if viewed in the PDF. This has been corrected.
  • Text to Pay – An issue preventing emails from sending to customers when the toggle is selected has been corrected.
  • Texting – When texting from the Active Customer Page (ACP) as opposed to Text Manager, the prompt for asking if you wish to send to multiple numbers would close the modal entirely, now it will not.
  • Text Manager – Slow loading on the text manager was affecting some users. Investigation revealed this was an issue if images were present. To prevent this, images are now shown as thumbnails which can be clicked if desired.
  • Apostrophe Encoding – Further areas of the application have now eradicated the invasive '. The local apostrophes can once again thrive. (Text Manager private notes / Shop name in emails / tooltips for substatuses / Audience description apostrophes in Marketing.
  • Canned Jobs – Techmetric canned jobs containing an apostrophe were unable to be mapped. Now they can be.

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