2023 Release Notes

December 2023 Release Notes

Enhancements Texting – New blacklist ability and new mobile friendly Text Manager New blacklist ability: Autoflow now allows shops to block numbers that are sending spam or harassment from personal numbers to your shop. Use the new option from the customer profile screen – go to the phone number section – click the red “block” button to cut off inbounds from that number. Text Manager is now mobile device friendly. Note you will be prompted to rotate your device to landscape mode to use the Text Manager on small screens. This enhancement allows much simpler texting for advisors that are working remote. Please remember… don’t use the text manager while driving!

May 2023 Release Notes

5/9/2023 – System Improvements Enhancements: DVI – A new filter was added to allow easier isolation of line items on the DVI that include data from a previous inspection. TechFlow – The TechFlow dashboard is now reinforced with the same color-enhanced worksheet buttons as the main active customer page. This means you can see orange DVI buttons when the inspection is completed, Yellow DVI buttons when the inspection has been sent to the client, and of course, Green DVI buttons when the inspection is opened! WO and QC buttons are color coded too! DVI Report – Filter added to ONLY report on Closed/Active/All Tickets. DVI Report – Pill option added to show unsubmitted DVI’s. Text Manager – The Textmanager has its own URL and can now be broken out from the modal and exist as its very own dedicated tab. Open the modal and click the button on the top left. This enabled Text Manager to operate independently from any dashboards. Failed Message Alerts – Autoflow has always been good about showing when a message is delivered or not, now we indicate the client’s phone carrier in those delivery errors. Sales Report – Phase 3 – Technician tabs have been buffed in the Sales Report (available to Level 5 Integrated Shops).

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