June 2023 Release Notes

6/5/2023 – System Improvements


  • QR Code for Login Page – We’ve added a new option for any logged in user to click the QR button at the top left of the dashboard to that a user on a mobile device can easily scan and navigate to the shop login page.
  • DVI – An option to make photos required on line items marked Red or Yellow has been added to DVI Setup.
  • Follow-Up – The Yes/No Toggle has been added to the Follow Up Setup Page
  • Calendar – Admins can now choose if the font on their calendar should be black or white. The option is in Company Setup. This toggle affects all users.
  • Dashboard – The Stock/Unit# is now searchable. This will aid shops that serve large volumes of fleet vehicles so the proper ticket can be found on the dashboard by a simple query.
  • Protractor Integration – Work Order Time Clocks have been enhanced to start counting on resumed work from the time that was manually entered… not the time that the job timer was originally stopped at.
  • Work Order – Slim WO has been introduced. This is now available from the Worksheet button in the DVI. The idea is that it is much easier now for techs who clock in on oil changes during inspections, they no longer need to actually leave the DVI page to clock onto a task they are batching along with their inspections.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rainy Folder- Corrected an issue affecting line items in Rainy Day Reviews, after unselecting a Red/Yellow/Green status on a DVI, the item was not being removed from Rainy Folders Reviews.
  • Rainy Folder – Last inspection date was populating results other than the actual signoff date.
  • Landlines – We now properly prevent sending to numbers already identified as a landline.
  • Standard 2-Axle Tire Inspection – Results were not loading into the PDF view, now they are, just like the Multi-Axle inspections.
  • Workflow Edits – We corrected an issue preventing stats removals for statuses related to the auto-update feature.
  • Add Customer Page – Profile auto-pop results were disappearing when users moused over selections. This was corrected.
  • Shopware Integration – Customer history button was not appearing for customers. This impacted ShopWare users, but is now corrected.
  • Marketing – Corrected an issue which required page reload after toggling on a group in order to create or modify campaigns.
  • AI Responder – Texts sent to the shop were not replied to by the auto-reply feature outside of business hours. Now they are.
  • AI Responder – An issue causing the auto reply to respond with a closed message during business hours has been corrected.
  • Client Connection – Status history is now accurately recorded for all tickets that move from appointment to another workflow status.
  • DVI – Categories no longer automatically expand when rotated. The state they were in is now the state they remain during screen rotations.
  • NPS Score – Corrected some response logic that caused some number to be undocumented, and others incorrectly logged as a 10.

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