April 2023 Release Notes

4/5/2023 – System Improvements


  • Rainy Day Folder – Advisors can now easily access the reminders queue from the Rainy Folder. This has been possible for admins, but advisors are the ones who do all the real work, it just makes sense.
  • Quick Add – Quick Add in the calendar will now default to Schedule Appointment, and not Checkin.
  • Marketing Module – The ability to send deferred service links to a microsite are in place with click tracking. This is a key step to include deferred service marketing in the Marketing Module.

Bug Fixes:

  • QC sheets now lock after submission, much like a DVI. This will prevent loss of data.
  • SMS codes were able to be changed by sub-shops. Now this is properly prevented
  • Improvements were made to our view of the PDF, cleaning up a few minor issues.
  • Fixed PDFs attached to DVI line items distorting the PDF view of that DVI.
  • Sharing sheets with Tire Inspection Sub Statuses is now easier than ever. A core issue that made tire settings at the shop level has been addressed.
  • Variable in test messages are now going to be properly displayed. This will prevent confusion during message construction and ensure more consistent results.
  • Jobs mapped to previous inspection items now work on repopulated inspection items.

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