Admin Menu items, summary

The admin user menu

where you make this YOUR software

  • Edit Account:  This is where you can specify your notification preferences and several other user specific toggles.
  • Change Password:  This allows you to update your password
  • Wall Message:  This option allows the administrator or service advisors to send a message to all users for important announcements or daily objectives.
  • Manage Users:  Go here to make edits to the user accounts you create in your system.  Suspend, activate, change user passwords, or delete them
  • Add New User:  Create a login and password for each member of your staff.  Choose to add Service Advisors or Technicians
  • Company Setup:  Review company phone numbers, emails, greeting preferences, text signatures.  Even add a logo.
  • AI Setup:  Toggle and customize the AI auto-text responses.
  • Workflow Setup:  Customize your workflow, enable/disable texting for each status.  This is a key page for making the shop function match your software.
  • Assoc. Parts Vendors:  Add vendors so that you can specify who you are waiting on parts from in the workflow.
  • Tags:  Customize your own Tags like Waiting or Drop-off.
  • Text Display:  Changes your screen display to a smaller view of the dash, meant for mobile devices.
  • Auto Assign & Update:  Toggle on or off the various smart functions, such as automatic status update when a tech clicks on inspection items.
  • R&R Rewards Setup:  Set up your rewards that are associated to the points your clients earn
  • R&R Points Setup:  Establish the parameters for how your clients can gain points.
  • Quality Control Setup:  Add / remove / edit lines on your QC sheets here.
  • QC Notes Setup:  Create predefined notes that complement your QC process
  • DVI Setup:  Key toggles to alter how your DVI sheets work (universally across all sheets)
  • DVI Sheets Setup:  Create your own DVI sheets, or edit existing sheets.  Key menu.
  • DVI Notes Setup:  Setup your pre-defined notes to keep your techs fast with inspections.  Develop your own, or look to your rep to suggest strategies.
  • Work Order Parts List:  Only available if WO is active and generated.  This is a tool to check off parts as arrived or missing to complete a job.
  • Read Only View:  Not limited to Admin login.   A non clickable view of the dash, ideal for waiting rooms.
  • Timeline View:  Not limited to Admin login.  This is a view that shows workflow steps engaged over time in various scales.
  • Kiosk:  Open the Kiosk on this device
  • Kiosk Setup:  Setup and customize your Kiosk or scheduler.
  • Billing:  (not Pictured here) Set your billing information here.
  • Log Out:  Log out of the session.  Useful after significant admin changes that require a session refresh.

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