Manage Users

The ability to suspend, activate, and reset the password for all other shop users is done in one place, the Manage Users page.

How to Access Manage Users

How to Access User Management
  1. Login as the Admin.
  2. Click on the admin user name in the top right corner.
  3. Click Manage Users.

Adding a New User

Adding a New User
  1. To get started select the blue +Add New User box in the top right and a page will open.
  2. Choose a job role for the user and input their first and last name.
  3. Next enter the employee email and phone number.
  4. Last, the username will automatically generate using the first and last name. This can be changed if desired. Then just create a password and select the Add New User blue box to finish.

Resetting User Passwords

Resetting User Passwords
Account Suspension
  1. At the manage users page, click the lock icon for a user to reset the password for that user.
  2. Administrators do not need to know their users old password. Enter the desired password in both fields, then click Change Password.
  3. For security purposes password requires a minimum of 12 characters and:
    1. At least one Upper Case
    2. At least one lower case
    3. At least one number
    4. At least one special character

Account Suspension

Account Suspension
  1. New users must be activated before the account can be used.
    1. An activation email is sent, but not an activation text.
  2. To activate or reactivate the user, click the power button.
    1. Admins can do this immediately after creating a user. so logins can be used immediately with no need to check emails.
  3. Any suspended users will be displayed with a red background.
  4. Suspending or deleting a user force-logs them our of the tool.

Note: Deleting a user is safe to do. This is actually a “soft delete.”

Please be aware, you can only re-add deleted users by opening a support ticket:

Since deleting a user will NOT affect your reporting for those users our advice is to keep this user list clear of any old users.

Edit User

Edit User Image

In the Edit User page you have a variety of options to define your teams experience with the tool:

  1. Add a profile picture, email, and cell number (Image is client-facing, contact info is NOT)
  2. Change the name or username.
  3. Choose to give the techs access to TechFlow.
  4. Grant the ability to push data to your Shop Management System.
  5. Enable access to other users’ ticket assignments.

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