QC Sheet Usage

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Easily access the QC Sheet from all areas of the application.

Worksheet Headers

1.1 QC Access

Active Customer Page

1.2 ACP Access


1.3 TechFlow

Page Header and Vehicle Details

2.0 - QC Top Header
  1. Users can select the appropriate QC sheet for this vehicle or visit from the drop down menu.
  2. You can collapse vehicle details.
  3. The vehicle detail header is unified across all worksheets (DVI/WO/QC) Any missing data can be entered now and it will update all previous worksheets.

Using the Checklist

3.0 QC 123

Your initial focus will be on three key items:

  1. Confirm that the inspection and Work Order is signed off for this visit. This is automatically flagged.
  2. Mark each line item on your QC checklist according to need. Be HONEST. It’s good to catch things! Note: In QC Setup Admins can require certain line items be marked before submission.
  3. When you find red items, and confirm they are addressed, mark them as addressed. LEAVE it marked red!


4.0 QC imagesnotes

Use notes, images, and videos to compile a source of truth for the condition a vehicle is in before it leaves the shop.

  • Attach images/videos.
  • Write detailed notes.
  • Caption and markup images

Don’t forget to hit submit to signoff on this sheet!

Submitting is internal only.

Sharing is optional.

Most shops use QC checklists for internal purposes only.

Review DVI Items

5.0 DVI items in QC

Administrators can enable a DVI item review pop-up. This appears upon clicking submit. The form will submit immediately upon clicking submit, but this review prompts users to mark items addressed.

This helps ensure the accuracy of the DVI effectiveness and maintains relevance for the follow-up strategies elsewhere in the application.

  • Clicking the Yes/no toggle updates the DVI.
  • Click the X when completed.

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