Ensure your billed hours are being distributed effectively among your technicians.

Techflow can show you the real time workload for each technician while allowing you to assign or redistribute work to ensure peak efficiency.

Start by picking a vehicle from Unassigned and assign it to a Technician.
Click the blue box with the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to expand Unassigned.
Select a vehicle > Click > Drag
Drag > Drop in the desired technician column

Techflow can also assign specific jobs within a vehicle’s Work Order to different Technicians.

Click the box button in the upper right hand corner to open expanded view for all vehicles, or expand only one vehicle by clicking directly on that vehicle.

Once expanded, then ‘Click here to assign job(s)’ to distribute jobs to multiple techs. Select tech desired from the drop down menu next to each job.

Click the blue box with the check mark to save changes and the assignments will update and the vehicle will then display for both techs.

Other Techflow functions

Hours Buttons

The buttons across the top of Techflow display multiple counters to track hours in the workday, assigned hrs, completed hrs, remaining hrs in the day, and time lost (where techs were not working on a job). Click each button for more detail on how each number is being calculated.

Customer View

Click the opposing arrows in the upper right hand corner to show customer name in place of the vehicle type. Click again to switch back to vehicle type.


Click the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner to expand the search bar.
Input your search text and it will automatically sort Techflow for vehicles matching your search. Search by name, vehicle, or RO #.

Completed Work

When a vehicle’s work is completed that vehicle can be moved to the Work Done section to take it out of the main techflow page.

Open completed work from the blue box with the arrow in the upper right hand corner.

Drag the completed vehicle from the Techflow screen into the Work Done area.

Also, vehicles that have been closed from the dashboard will show up under the Closed section.

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