Rewards & Referrals

Documenting Referrals

Documenting Referrals

Referrals must be entered in a customer profile so credit can be attributed. You can access this quickly from multiple areas.

  1. For an Active Customer (on the dashboard) – Click the clients name.
  2. Enter the person that referred this client.
  3. If already in Autoflow, the name will appear to click.

TIP: If you are new to Autoflow, the person that deserves to be credited with the referral might not be listed in Autoflow, you can quickly create a new customer profile.

  • Click add customer.
  • Collect the name and number from your SMS.
  • Add to the status “closed” so the client isn’t added to the board.

Rewards Report

Rewards Report

Service advisors leverage two key functions within the Rewards Report.

1. Send thank you emails to clients that have referred someone to your shop.

  • This is an activity that is best performed weekly, or monthly.
  • The date range can be set across any time frame.
  • Client names are clickable and linked directly to the named individuals profile.

2. Access the Master Points table.

  • This allows you to manage points manually, all in one place.
  • See your total liability of points across all clients (regardless of date ranges).

Master Points Table

Master Points Table

This table makes points very simple to check and manage.

  1. Quickly search by customers name.
  2. Search by volume of points, min-max.
  3. View profiles for clients.
  4. Manually add or take away points. Enter a value and click the + or – buttons.
  5. Reset points to zero. (note: This is best used to correct issues, not redeem points) To track redemptions, redeem manual rewards from within the clients profile.)

Reward Qualification Indicator

Reward Qualification Indicator

Autoflow tracks reward points for you and your clients. Autoflow indicates which clients in your shop have qualified for a reward with a green R.

This appears automatically between the details and the dynamic worksheet button.

  • Click the green “R” to view the rewards page in the client’s profile.

Customer Profile – Rewards Tree

Customer Profile - Rewards Tree

Advisors can leverage two key features in the rewards tab of the client profile.

1. Points management

  • Review, Redeem or Adjustment points.

2.) Referral Tree Assessment

  • Understand how your happiest clients are connected to subsequent referrals.
  • The referral tree was created to visually understand the value of a happy clients.
  • Dates next to the referrals are based on when the referral was entered in Autoflow.
  • Click names in the tree to jump quickly to other profiles.

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